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Thrasher T shirt UK - Thrasher T-shirts - Skate Tshirts - Fillow

The Thrasher T Shirt is one of the most wanted brands of the last few years, and not only for skaters. Despite being one of the purest skate brands, it has become very famous thanks to various influencers and youtubers who decided to buy Thrasher clothes and wear sweatshirts, caps and tees from this brand.

If you are looking for a shop to buy thrasher tshirt uk this is your place. You can find their most famous designs and the latest features of the brand. 

The Thrasher tee is surely the most wanted product. It is a basic that matches perfectly with any jeans or trousers, and give us an urban and skater look very modern that fits everyone very well. 

You can find Thrasher tshirts in various models and colors. The most wanted colors are the black thrasher tee, the white one, grey, navy, green and pink for women. 

Thrasher T shirt UK - Thrasher T-shirts - Skate Tshirts - Fillow
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Thrasher T shirt

Thrasher t shirts are in fashion these years. Not only skaters love them, but anybody that likes urban fashion. The Thrasher t-shirt is one of the skate tees with more history and meaning. 

Thrasher tees have different logos and designs, always easily recognizable. Most of their models are iconic, and we can see them as we walk around any city. 

Thrasher T Shirt Measures

What size should I choose? Where do I find the Thrasher sizes chart? Are Thrasher sizes European or American? We want to help you figure it out. 

The easiest way to choose the correct size is to take the measurements of a t-shirt you already have and that you like how it fits you. Take a measuring tape, and compare the results to the ones you can see below. 

Our colleagues from the store have taken the measurements from all sizes so you can compare them to yours. Remember that they are centimeters, and the width is from armpit to armpit. 

















Types of Thrasher t-shirts

The most popular are the Thrasher t shirts for men, but the female market is getting stronger and they are followers of this skate brand as well. 

The most wanted designs from Thrasher Magazine tshirts are: 

  • Thrasher skate and destroy tee
  • Thrasher boyfriend t-shirt
  • Thrasher Flame tshirt: available in blue, white, purple... Is the Thrasher t shirt with the flames.

White Thrasher t shirt 

White Thrasher t-shirt is the top one from the catalog. Surely is the most wanted not just because white is a perfect color to match it with any other cloth, but because many celebrities have chosen it and have worn it, increasing the popularity of this design. 

The white thrasher skate and destroy t-shirt, the skate mag or the flame logo are what everyone is looking for. 

Thanks to the popularity of the brand, they are offering more colors each season, so in addition to the black thrasher t shirt and the white one, we can also find grey, green, navy and some bolder colors such as yellow, orange, pink... 


Where to buy thrasher t shirt

In Fillow you can buy the thrasher shirt you are looking for and at the best price. From our skate shop in Madrid we send in just 24 hours to any city: London, Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield, Newcastle, Birmingham, Liverpool, Bristol, Glasgow...and internationally to other countries like France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Germany, Netherlands...

Thrasher tees from Madrid, Spain, to anywhere. Let no one run out of his Thrasher tee!

Autentic Thrasher T Shirt

When a t-shirt becomes very fashionable, fake products come out quickly so you could end up buying a fake Thrasher t shirt. That’s why you have to be very careful and always buy from a trusted site. 

In our t-shirt shop, you can always find original products. We Fillow work directly with each brand our its official European distributor, so you can rest assured that all our products are 100% original. 

Cheap Thrasher t shirt

Buy your cheap Thrasher T-Shirt at the best price thanks to our lowest price policy and the periodical offers we launch in our web. 

In the Outlet section you can see the Thrasher tees with discounts up to 20%, 30% and even 50%.

We recommend you don’t wait too much to buy your size, because this product is very popular and stocks run out quickly, so you can miss the color or the size you are looking for. 

Thrasher T shirt - Meaning

If you still have doubts about the origin of the brand Thrasher and where do these tees come from, keep on reading because we are explaining everything quickly. 

All started thanks to Thrasher Magazine, a journal about skateboarding. Since 1981 it has been supporting many skaters, and it also gives the prize “Skate of the Year”, that is one of the most prestigious skateboarding prizes. Their staff also organizes the contest KOTR, ‘King Of The Road’, that consists of inviting some riders to try special challenges. Thrasher Magazine is surely a world reference that inspires a huge number of skateboarding lovers. 

So now you know that the skateboarding Thrasher t shirt can’t be more attached to skateboarding and all it means, so it is your ‘must’ for that skater look you love so much, and for skating with your skate deck with a tee from one of the most important icons of the skateboarding community, the Thrasher Magazine. The brand did a small number of tees, but in no time those t shirts became the most wanted by skaters and urban culture fans.