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Sweatshirts by Zero

  • Zero Hoodie: Single Skull BK Zero Hoodie: Single Skull BK Zero Hoodie: Single Skull BK
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  • Zero Hoodie: Army Pullover Hoodie BK Zero Hoodie: Army Pullover Hoodie BK Zero Hoodie: Army Pullover Hoodie BK
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  • Zero Sweatshirt: Chomp Hood BK Zero Sweatshirt: Chomp Hood BK Zero Sweatshirt: Chomp Hood BK
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  • Zero Sweatshirt: Shut Up & Skate BK Zero Sweatshirt: Shut Up & Skate BK Zero Sweatshirt: Shut Up & Skate BK
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The Zero T Shirt and their Zero Hoodie skate were the first products this brand has created. Their popularity grew rapidly, and in a short time almost every skater had at least one of their shirts in her wardrobe. 

What Thomas, the founder of the brand, wanted to achieve with Zero was to find the purity of skateboarding, to create a 100% skater brand, made by and for skaters, rebel and bold, fully united with skateboarding. 

The Zero skate clothing reflects that intention perfectly, and the emblematic skull captivated us all. 



Thomas started the brand Zero wanting to do something different from anything he had seen before. He considered that most brands were boring, without character, so he wanted to create and evolve a brand as cool as skateboarding. He did not take long to focuses on the creation of decks, and they became the main pillar of the company. As a representative of the Zero team, he managed to lead the brand to its greatest. With Zero decks, good skateboarding is assured. 

The Zero skate decks offer us the stability and resistance we need to be able to practice without fear. They are hard decks designed for skaters. The guarantee and safety of Zero decks make them preferred by many of the best skaters of today. 

In addition to its mentioned qualities, we can’t forget about its daring designs where we can find the mythical zero skull skate deck, and many other draws full of meaning.

Here you can shop the zero classic skate deck and all their new releases, the best Zero skate decks on the market, at the best prices and of course, we offer the brand’s warranty on all our products. 



Zero Skateboards is a company located in California, dedicated to skateboard material, and whose founder is Jamie Thomas. 

In 1996 it started as a clothing brand, and later, thanks to Thomas, it focused much more on the skate world. Thomas left the Toy Machine team to become the main professional skater representing the Zero team. 

Around 2003, Thomas opened a factory in Tijuana (Mexico), called Edieth y Osuna, where all their decks are made. 

Zero belongs to the Black Box Distribution family, along with Mystery Skateboards, Slave Skateboards and Fallen Footwear. 

In June 2014, Thomas announced that the brand would be distributed by Dwindle Distribution and later in 2016 both companies announced that it would be distributed independently by Thomas himself. 


From 2004 to 2006, Zero has won three times the King of the Road competition from Thrasher Magazine, beating other great teams such as Girl Skateboards, Toy Machine, Darkstar, Element, Flip, Habitat, Real, Almost and Baker Skateboards. 

Zero also appears in the game of Tony Hawk’s Underground, as one of the five teams players can choose among. 


Zero has been in the industry for more than 20 years, during which many great skaters have been part of the team. Currently, these are its members:

Jamie Thomas (11/10/1974 Alabama): Also known as ‘The Chief’, he is one of the founders of Zero Skateboards and Fallen Footwear.  He has never stopped enjoying skateboarding, and he knows how to perfectly combine his family life with the professional one. Position: Regular. Sponsors: Zero Skateboards, Thunder Trucks, Bones Swiss, Mob Grip, and more...

Tommy Sandoval (02/12/1985 Chula Vista - Mexico). Also known as ‘T-Gunz’, he is absolutely crazy on his skateboard, he is not afraid to fall and shatter his bones to learn, and after that he shows us a smooth style with which it seems that the tricks are so easy. Tommy is a proud father, a hard worker and a lover of reggae music and his gang of old friends.

Dane Burman (17/03/1987 Sydenay - Australia)

James Brockman (22/02/1983 San Diego - CA)

Tony Cervantes (19/04/1989 Whittier, CA)

Windsor James (05/08/1986 Colorado Springs, CO)

Adrian Lopez (18/05/1980 San Diego, CA)

Kurt Hodge (01/03/1988 Virginia Beach, VA)

Chris Wimer (20/04/1992) Virginia Beach, VA)


In this video we can see and get to know Jamie Thomas, founder of Zero Skateboards. He is over 40 years-old now, but still insanely good.



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