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Sweatshirts by Globe

Sweatshirts  by  Globe
  • Globe Sweatshirt: Overcast Zip Thru Hoodie BK Globe Sweatshirt: Overcast Zip Thru Hoodie BK Globe Sweatshirt: Overcast Zip Thru Hoodie BK
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  • Globe Sweatshirt: Relax Hoodie BR Globe Sweatshirt: Relax Hoodie BR Globe Sweatshirt: Relax Hoodie BR
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  • Globe Sweatshirt: Relax Hoodeis BK Globe Sweatshirt: Relax Hoodeis BK Globe Sweatshirt: Relax Hoodeis BK
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Sweatshirts are one of the most versatile garments in your closet. With them, you can have dinner with your mates, or practice your favorite sports, or just lay relaxed on a park. 

What began as work clothes, soon became one of the quintessential garments in urban culture clothing. 

There are a huge variety of sweatshirts, but we have to make a special mention to hoodies. As the name implies, the main feature is its large hood and its central pocket, and within this group, you can find a wide variety of styles: With or without zipper or zipped, with large screen-printed or embroidered logos or the most minimalists, with just small details of your favorite brand. 

Of course, man does not only live on hoods... and we cannot forget the classic crewneck sweatshirt, which lately is gaining ground in each season and there are many brands such as Element, Ecko, Carhartt, Volcom, etc. that are increasing the number of their crewneck models. 

If you like skate hoodies, buy Thrasher sweatshirt in black, gray, or the color you like best and sweatshirts from the skate brands you prefer. 

If you want to buy sweatshirts online, in our urban store you will find sweatshirts from the best skate brands. We have stocks ready to be sent in 24 hours. You can buy cheap sweatshirts thanks to our sweatshirt outlet, with discounts that reach up to 50%. 

Globe Skateboards

Globe Skateboards is a skate brand that identifies itself with these three words: quality, innovation and guarantee. It was founded in 1985 by three Australian brothers with the purpose of being a global brand of skate shoes, clothing and equipment.

Although the Globe brand as such is well known worldwide, the network of companies within the group is gigantic. To give just one example, Globe acquired a few years ago the skate distributor dwindle, so it is the owner of brands such as Enjoi, Blind, Almost, Darkstar, etc..

Globe is sold in more than 100 countries and is a very respected brand for its shoes and clothing, as well as for its skate and longboard equipment.

Globe Clothing

Globe clothing has been able to win over the general public thanks to the quality of its garments. Its careful designs and the quality of its products have made it a benchmark in urban fashion. 

Among its main categories we can highlight the Globe T-shirts and sweatshirts. 

Globe T-shirt

The Globe T-shirt is a basic that can not miss in our closet. The Globe Box Tee in black or white is a carryover, a product that comes out every year in its catalog due to the great demand it has.

Each season we are incorporating new designs in different sizes and colors that sell very fast thanks to the quality of your product and the adjusted price.

Globe T-Shirt Measurements

For your orientation, the measurements of the Globe T-shirts in centimeters are:

  • Size S: width: 44 cm, length: 65 cm.
  • Size M: width: 51 cm, length: 72 cm
  • Size L size: width: 55 cm, length: 74 cm
  • Size XL: width: 60 cm, length: 78 cm

Globe sweatshirt

The Globe sweatshirt is perfect for the coolest days of the year. You can buy Hoody hoodies or Zip hoodies with zipper that are really comfortable and nice.

Its modern and alternative designs make it one of the most demanded brands among skaters and young lovers of urban fashion.

Globe Sweatshirt Measurements

The measurements of Globe sweatshirts in centimeters are as follows. Remember that these are approximate measurements, if you want us to measure a specific product just contact us and we will be happy to do it.

  • Size S
  • Size M
  • Size L
  • Size XL

Globe Skate Store

You can always find the Globe Skate store in our skate shop, since we work with Globe Spain for many years, so you can buy clothes, tshirts, hoddies, shoes, hats, backpacks and other products from their catalog. 

Cheap Globe Skate

Buy Globe Skate Cheap thanks to our offers and constant promotions, and the minimum price guarantee policy. Be sure to visit the skate decks and skateboards complete brand, are very popular and one of the best selling brands.