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Urban Wear by Carhartt

  • Carhartt T-Shirt: Donkey T-Shirt GR Carhartt T-Shirt: Donkey T-Shirt GR
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  • Carhartt Shirt: Kenneth Check GN/WH Carhartt Shirt: Kenneth Check GN/WH
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  • Carhartt Shirt: Baxter WH/GN, XL Carhartt Shirt: Baxter WH/GN, XL
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If you want to buy skate clothes for men or women, in these pages you will find everything you need to complete the skater look that you like so much. From the t shirt to the trousers and accessories, here you can choose the best comfortable and durable products of the best quality. 

Skate wear for men is much in demand, not only for the younger ones, but we can see often older men wearing skate clothes with great pride, since they feel identified with that style, and they know those are quality garments. 

Skate TShirts

Skate t shirts are a basic, and there are many brands such as Thrasher, Element, Ecko, Spitfire, Diamond, Globe, in different colours like the typical black, white, blue, red, pink, or more daring others such as yellow, orange, tie-dye, worn or rasta. 

Skate Sweatshirts

Skate Sweatshirts for men are very popular, warm and comfortable. They are great to go outside on the coolest days and continue enjoying skateboarding with your friends. You can buy grey, black, white skate hooded sweatshits in many colours and with a hoody or called hoodie, and the crewneck that are the hoodless sweatshirts. The main brands of street and skate wear are Element, Thrasher, Santa Cruz Skateboards, Independent, Spitfire and Zero. 

Skater style accessories and complements

To complete your bad-boy look, choose some of our skateboarder accessories, such as a good beanie, a skate cap, or independent and santa cruz sunglasses. 

Skate bags and skate socks are a perfect gift for Christmas, the Psockadelic 

Skate backpacks, bags and fanny packs

How comfortable is to carry a good backpack, in which we can fit everything. For this, the Element mohave backpacks and the Element jaywalker backpack are perfect. 

You can buy backpacks for skateboarding, where you can fasten and carry your board safely, and very comfortable fanny bags that will allow you to skate keeping your most important stuff with you all the time. The Bumbag brand is having a lot of success. 


If you are looking for an original brand clothing, we work with the main suppliers in the market, so you can be 100% sure that you are buying authentic clothing from the best skate and streetwear brands. 

Among the most famous brands, we can name Thrasher, Element clothing and the most skater stylish are Spitfire clothing and Zero clothing. 

Another street brand that cannot be missed, because it has always been close to the world of music, hiphop and skateboarding, is Ecko Unlmtd clothing. 

In Fillow you can buy skate clothes and original products online, easily and always from the best brands. 


Buy cheap skate clothes with the best prices thanks to our minimum guaranteed price policy. 

You can also find skate outlet clothing from previous seasons with incredible prices that reach 50% discount. 

Find now the best clothing brands, Element, Thrasher, Zero, Ecko, Santa Cruz, Spitfire in the skate outlet. 

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Skate clothing shop UK

Our skate clothing store in Madrid ship orders to all cities, so you can buy skate clothes in Valencia, Barcelona, Bilbao, Mallorca, Ibiza, Tenerife, Sevilla, Granada, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Holland, England, Wales, Scottland, France, London, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Glasgow, Manchester, Leeds, Brighton, Cardiff, Bristol, Cambridge, Sheffield, Southtampton, Plymouth...

Find on your favourite skateboarding website clothes, all you need with the best price, and we will send it within 24 hours, since the stock is in our warehouse ready to be shipped. 

Carhartt Clothing UK

Carhartt wip is one of that brands that seems to have emerged in the rise of streetwear clothing relatively recently, but the truth is that it has more than a century of history.

When we talk about Carhartt, it comes to mind quality clothing and design care. And that is exactly what we look for year after year. This brand took advantage of the quality of the work clothing they have produced for decades and mixed it with the latest designs of urban clothing.

In his many years, Carhartt has already several pieces with its own identity, which can be seen each season in London, Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool or any big UK or European city.

We could highlight these lines in their collection:

Carhartt T-shirts: It is a basic garment, but it marks the identity of many brands. In Carhartt t-shirts we can find logo t-shirts, which are a hit every season... and t-shirts with original and stylish designs.

Carhartt Jacket: They may be the flagship product of the brand. Coats, Parkas, and Kangaroos with modern designs of streetwear with a high quality on details and materials that is unusual on the market. (Anchorage Parka, sheffield jacket, detroit jacket...)

Carhartt Hoodies: Another garment, like t-shirts, with incredible designs each year, and as always, with a great quality of the garment itself, made of the best cottons, so you can wear a t-shirt as attractive as comfortable.

Carhartt Pants: This pants are another unquestionable product by Carhartt. One of the largest collections in urban clothing, for its many paths, colors and details. Many models are already basics in their fans’ wardrobe. Texas, Klondike, Work Pant, and many others, make much easier the work of finding a pant perfect for your style from their catalog. And, of course, when summer comes they make the same with carhartt shorts and bermudas, so heat will never be incompatible with style. 

In the Fillow’s Carhartt Online Shop we have been working for many years with this very great brand, and we look forward to continue it for a long time. Every season we try to bring a wide selection of products so you can have a large variety to choose from.


If you have a tight budget, don’t forget to visit our Carhartt Outlet, where you can find products from past seasons at incredible prices.