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Thrasher Clothing | Buy Online | Fillow Store

Thrasher Clothing | Buy Online | Fillow Store
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  • Thrasher T-Shirt: Skate and Destroy BBQ BK Thrasher T-Shirt: Skate and Destroy BBQ BK Thrasher T-Shirt: Skate and Destroy BBQ BK
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Thrasher Clothing

Thrasher clothing is one of the most sought after brands in recent years and not only by skateboarders. Despite being one of the purest brands in the skateboarding world, it has become very famous thanks to several influencers and youtubers who decided to buy thrasher clothes and wear them in their live shows, spreading their style to millions of people.

Where to buy thrasher clothes?

If you are looking for a shop to buy thrasher clothes in UK, this is your place. You can find their most legendary designs and the latest news that the brand offers us.

Fillow is the perfect skate shop to buy thrasher clothes online, find cheap thrasher t-shirts and sweatshirts because we have the minimum price guarantee policy.

We receive products regularly: the black, white and grey thrasher sweatshirt is a must have.

Cheap Thrasher Hoodie

If you are looking for a cheap thrasher hoddie then you are in luck. We ensure you the lowest price on the market, and we regularly launch special offers so you can buy cheap hoodies with 30% discount. 

You can find our thrasher hoddies on amazon but we recommend you to buy it on the web because you will benefit from a more direct deal and the accumulated loyalty points.

Thrasher Hoodie black

The best selling hoddie for years is the black thrasher hoodie in either the hooded or crewneck version. The designs range from the more classic logo designs to the newer, more modern versions.

All of them are of excellent quality and with perfect measurements that make them fit really well.

Thrasher white Hoodie

The second best selling version is the white thrasher hoddie. If you're tired of dark colours and want to have another option, this is definitely the one we recommend. It goes perfectly with everything and is great to wear on cooler summer days as well as in winter. 

Thrasher Grey Hoodie

We can say that thrasher Hoodie in this colour are almost tied with white hoddie. Even at certain times of the year, they are above the white thrasher sweatshirt.

Personally I think you can wear the thrasher sweatshirt in grey more often, as it is a neutral colour that will probably tire you less, and it is also a very grateful colour as white is more easily stained.


Thrasher hoddie measurements

These are the approximate measurements of the Thrasher hoodie. We say approximate because even comparing the same product in different colours we can see that there may be small differences, but surely it serves as a guide:

(Width x Length)

  • Size S: 53cm x 72cm
  • Size M: 58cm x 72,5 cm
  • Size L: 63cm x 74cm
  • Size XL: 68cm x 78cm

If you would like us to measure a specific reference, do not hesitate to write to us: clientes@fillow.net

Thrasher logos and designs

These are the logos and designs that we have seen the most in thrasher clothing, surely more than one of them rings a bell. Personally I think the boyfriend model is the best :)

If you want to see clothes from other brands, you can visit the skate clothes section where you'll have hundreds of things to choose from.


Thrasher Magazine

Thrasher Magazine was acquiring a lot of prestige in all these years, and in 1990 started giving one of the most recognized awards worldwide in skateboarding and that is the title of Skater of the year. In 1990 the winner was Tony Hawk and in recent years we have Jamie Foy (2017) and Tyshawn Jones (2018).

Thrasher has always been and still is very much in the world of skateboarding, at a competitive level also launched in 2003 the King of the Road (KOTR) where they invite a group of professional skaters and for 2 weeks you have to meet some challenges that are entrusted to them in advance. It is a competition that takes place every year and goes through different countries.