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Wheels by Mini Logo Skateboards


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Mini Logo Skateboards

Es una marca artesanal hecha a mano utilizando solo los mejores materiales. Skate One es la fabrica encargada de sus productos y cuentan con mas de 35 años de experiencia por lo que ofrecen los mejores acabados, formas, tamaños y POP.


Mini Logo Skateboards Decks

La marca de skate Mini Logo es lider en tablas de skate de alto rendimiento. Son tablas garantizadas contra la deslaminación para que den un resultado perfecto durante toda la vida útil de la tabla.

Cada tabla utiliza 7 capas de resistente arce, fusionados con prensas especiales de baja tensión de la fabrica Skate One, las prensas AirLam que utilizan pegamento resistente al agua y a la humedad, y con un acabado semibrillante de laca. La parte inferior de las tablas Mini logo se tratan con un revestimiento de múltiples capas que consisten en un sellado de madera y dos capas de tinta coloreadas.


Mini Logo Skateboards Wheels

Otro de los puntos fuertes de esta marca son sus ruedas de skate. 

Las ruedas Mini Logo Formula son de larga duración y ofrecen mucho mejor rendimiento que otras ruedas mucho mas caras. Varios patinadores del Team Mini Logo han afirmado que prefieren utilizar nuestras ruedas para patinar.

Están fabricadas con una combinación de uretano de alto rendimiento y nos ofrecen una gran cantidad de formas, tamaños y durezas para que puedas elegir la que mejor se adapte a tu forma de patinar.

Podemos encontrar estos dos tipos de ruedas:

Ruedas de skate Formula Mini Logo Hybrid 90a

Estas ruedas combinan la velocidad y la durabilidad en una rueda dura para encontrar la diversión en cualquier tipo de terreno. Uretano de alto rebote y larga duración para un rendimiento profesional y con el corte A para patinar en todos los terrenos (56mm) y con la forma de corte en C para un patinaje mas técnico (53mm)

Ruedas de skate Formula Mini Logo AWOL 78a

Las ruedasAWOL 78a en la forma A-Cut son apropiadas para rodar sobre cualquier superficie. Su formula y refuerzo de fibra hacen que superen en rendimiento a la mayoria de las ruedas y ofreciendo ruedas de skate baratas.

Skate One utiliza todos sus conocimientos y técnicas conseguidos en los casi 40 años de experiencia, al igual que usa en sus marcas Powell y Bones, pero en Mini Logo lo ofrece a un precio mas bajo para ayudar al skater.


Fun is always funnier if it is on wheels, but not any ones. In Fillow we help you to choose the ideal skateboard, depending on where and for what you are going to use it, always from the best skateboard brands, and at the best price.

How to choose skateboard wheels?

Skate wheels have changed a lot over time, both in sizes and materials, thanks to the continued development of this industry. 

Here’s a quick summary of what you should consider when choosing skateboard wheels. 


The sizes of the wheels are usually the diameter in millimeters, the most common are from 50 to 59mm. 

The smaller wheels have lower final speed, but higher acceleration, and vice versa. 

If you want to train technical maneuvers on smooth surfaces, you should prefer smaller wheels, around 52mm. 

If you prefer higher speed to move around or skate on ramps, the best sizes are 56-57mm. 

Remember that if you want to use very big wheels, you may need to use high trucks or risers, so they will not touch the deck in any case. 


Street and Park Skate Wheels

For all these reasons, the best skate wheels are smaller: lighter and lower skate, with better acceleration for tricks, etc.

If you are going to skate on smooth floors, and you want to train technical tricks, your ideal wheel’s size is between 50 and 53 mm. For more uneven floors, ramps or if you also use your skate to move around, slightly larger wheels are preferable, from 53 to 56 mm. 

Therefore, 53 mm would be the average diameter, that is why it is the preferred size for street skateboarding.

Ramps and Cruising Skate Wheels

For ramps, the ideal measures are between 56 and 60 mm, because in this case it is interesting to achieve maximum speed to reach heights. 

In cruising, larger wheels adapt better to any kind of surfaces, they offer greater speed and it is not so important that it’s harder to maneuver with them. 

In any case, remember that the trucks you use limit the size of the wheels you can use, because if you set up very big wheels on low trucks, without using risers, you could stop the wheels against the deck at the most inconvenient moment, with a painful outcome.


Classification according to hardness:

There are several ways to classify the wheels according to the hardness of the urethane from with they are made. 

The most common is the A-scale, used by most skateboard brands and most well-known skaters. The larger the number, the harder the wheel (101 A is harder than 95 A, for example).

This scale becomes somewhat imprecise for hardness from 101 A, so some brands like Bones use different or additional scales, such as the B or D scale. To find the correspondence between one hardness scale and another, Bones recommends adding 20 points to the value of B to get the value that would be in A. For example, wheels 83 B would be like 103 A, and are much harder than 101 A.


How to choose the hardness of your wheels?

As always, it depends on what you want your skate for, and your preferences. Hard wheels reach higher speeds, have higher acceleration and lower grip, but are for use on smooth floors. Soft wheels adapt better to the irregularities of the terrain, have a greater grip, but are slower. They are also mores susceptible to abrasion and deformation (the dreaded ‘flatspots’ of which we will speak later). 

So if you are going to do technical street tricks on smooth floors, harder wheels are better for you, because they are better for tricks and grinds. If you want to move around on all kinds of floors, the slightly softer wheels will be more comfortable for you, and they will offer greater grip. 

Soft  (75-92 A)

The softest wheels are used almost exclusively for cruisers, because they adapt perfectly to any type of terrains, and if you like to just skate around, with them you will have less inconvenience with the pebbles and parallelepipeds. They are also a good option if you are going to record videos.

Medium (92-95 A)

They are a bit faster that the soft ones, with a very good grip, but it is not so difficult to do tricks on them from time to time or get a little more speed on your walks. 

Hard (96-99 A)

With a reasonable speed, a bit of grip, but also with good maneuverability for tricks, these are the most recommended hardness for beginners. They serve for both street and park skating. 

High hardness (99-101 A and 83-84 B)

They are preferred by the most experienced skaters. They are faster and have a greater acceleration capability, so they are perfect for more technical skateboarding. However, on uneven floors, they may be uncomfortable.



Core / Standard

Skate wheels can have the central hole part reinforced with a harder plastic than the rest of the wheel, to keep the bearing in place (as when spacers are used). Those wheels that have this are called ‘core wheels’, and the rest are simply standard or ‘non-core’. 


Each wheel may have a different shape, with a variety of angles in the curvature of the profile and the width of the part that is in contact with the grounded. A smoother or even convex profile reduces weight to the wheel and prevents the curve of the profile from bothering you in your grinds and edges. As for the surface of contact with the ground, the larger it is, the better the grip and the lower the speed. And, on the contrary, the narrower it is, the more acceleration. 

You can find more information about the different shapes available in the section of each wheels’ brand. 


When the wheel stops being round and not longer rotates as well as the first day, we can say that it has a flatspot. It occurs when the material wears out by abrasion. This can happen, for example, when you put the wheels in a position perpendicular to the direction in which they are advancing, as usually made to brake. The wheels of higher quality and hardness such as some from Bones Wheels and Spitfire Wheels, are almost impossible to deform with normal use. 



In our skate shop you can choose from hundreds of models and brands of skate wheels from the most prestigious and professional brands in the sector. We have basic prices, cheap skate wheels, with very good performance and professional skate wheels. 

From our UK skate store we send throughout the European continent: United Kingdom, Denmark, Belgium, Luxemburg, Netherlands, London, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Glasgow, Manchester, Leeds, Brighton, Cardiff, Bristol, Cambridge, Sheffield, Southtampton, Plymouth.