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Complete skateboard

Complete skateboards are ideal for beginners in skateboarding, for boys and girls, and for new grown up skaters. We have the best complete skateboards in Fillow, as always at the best price and from the best brands. If you are looking for the ideal skateboard for you, at first you can have many doubts, but we are here to help you.

Cheap complete skateboard. What complete skateboard should I buy?

Here you have all the information you need to know to make the right choice when purchasing your complete skate. 


Decks Sizes

The most important measure to take into account is the width of the deck. It is measured in inches, and goes from 6 to 10, although the most common are between 7.5 and 8.5. On our website you can use filters to search only the most appropriate size for you. In the following table you can see the recommended deck sizes for each feet size. Remember that it also depends on what you are going to use your skate for. To do tricks, the smaller the better, because it will be less heavy and easier to handle. If you prefer ramps, wider decks will give you more stability. For example, on a skatepark, you may appreciate a few inches of board on which to “fall” your tricks. 

So here you have the general recommendation for a versatile use (in case you don’t know yet what you like the most and want to try everything):  

Feet Size Deck's Width (inches)
< 35 (and children up to 8 years old) 7.0 - 7.5
35-39 7.5 - 7.8
40-42 7.75 - 8.0
42-44 8.0 - 8.25
44 or larger 8.1 - 8.6+

The central part of the deck is not completely flat, it is a little concave from side to side, to make it easier to control it. This concavity can be more or less deep, so there are high, medium or low concave boards. This choice is much more personal, it depends only on your taste and with what you feel most comfortable, so the best option is to decide on a medium concave to start, and try them all at the first opportunity. 


Trucks have different widths and heights. The width will depend on the size of your deck, although it is not exact, a certain margin depends on the preferences. In general, it is not advisable that the wheels protrude from the board, nor that they remain too far inwards.  In complete skates, brands have made sure to put together the right choices for each case, so if you have chosen the width of the board well, you don’t have to worry about the width of the trucks.

The height also varies. There are high, medium and low trucks, depending on the distance between the base (the part that is screwed to the deck) and the height at which the center of the wheel will remain. Most complete skates have medium trucks, because they are the most versatile. In addition, the height of the trucks limits the size of the wheels that can be used, since if the trucks are low and the wheels too big, they could be braked against the board (‘wheelbite’). 

Anyway, if later you want to try bigger wheels on your skateboard, you can get some risers to gain more height. They are pieces that are screwed between the base of the axles and the deck.  


Wheels can have different sizes, hardnesses and shapes. The wheels of the complete skates are chosen to offer maximum versatility and adaptability. The common measures are 52 to 54 mm diameter, and have standard durometers. 


The bearings of complete skateboards are quite standard and versatile, and they do not need maintenance, so you can start without having to worry about that. Many brands (though not all) classify the difference between bearings by a scale called Abec. The middle term is an Abec 5, which is used in many complete skates. The higher the number, the better performance. For beginners, from Abec 3 is ok. 

What is the best complete skateboard?

We highlight some of the most traditional brands, because of their high quality, long history in skateboarding and large factories. Also some Spanish brands that have been updated so spectacularly that in practice you will not find anything that you can envy of the other brands. 

Traditional skateboards brands

Santa Cruz: One of the oldest brands in the manufacture of skates. It causes furor around the world thanks to its characteristic aesthetic, mainly the famous shouting hand that we have already seen in all kinds of shapes, colors, contexts, and its Californian logo. 

Powell Peralta: Certainly a classic, both for skating and for collecting. It is rare that someone who has been a skater for many years doesn’t have at least one of their decks. Very high quality and the best designs: Ripper, Skull&Sword, Dragon Knight, Skull&Snake, Caballero... 

Zero: They have adolescent and rebellious attitude with his skull and his messages, but above all, they have perfect skates that you will remember all your life. 

Cheap skateboard brands

Enuff: The top brand of basic products, offers everything you need at affordable prices, without neglecting quality. Thanks to Enuff, the price is not longer an excuse to get off your board. 

See their enuff geometric complete skateboard, the enuff graffiti complete skateboard and the enuff logo stain complete skateboard.

Spanish skateboard brands

In Fillow we bet on Spanish brands because they have managed to reach, even exceed, the level of many other classic brands. Among them, we can find: 

BDSkateCO: Made major by skaters for skaters, with the aim of extending the practice of skateboarding. That is why the complete skateboards and good prices are their main priorities. 

Nomad: The oldest Spanish brand offers complete skates with high quality decks, all kinds of designs and great prices. 

Imagine Skateboard: Illusion, hard work and improvement to put a country on a skateboard without asking much in return. 

Jart: Since 2002 this brand offers skate material for all levels. Their complete skates are perfect both for beginners and for those who have more experience, as they usually make more options about trucks, wheels and bearings than the standard. Jart is very present throughout Europe thanks to the development and research of the best materials to offer us a top product. 

Most professional skateboard brands

Flip: high quality skateboards and slightly more varied constructions (various truck heights, bearing speeds, etc) for those who are more demanding because they know what they want from the start. 

Element Skateboards: Another of the oldest brands in history. They offer decks with great designs that are already classic among skaters, and sizes even for the youngest. 

The complete skateboards with the best reviews

  • Element complete skateboards
  • Enjoi complete skateboards: their enjoi rasta panda complete skateboard is the best.
  • Blind complete skateboards
  • Flip and Planb complete skateboards
  • Santa cruz complete skateboards
  • Powell Peralta complete skateboards: caballero is one of the favorites.

Where to buy complete skateboard?

If you want a cheap and professional complete skate, in Fillow we have the largest catalogue of the most important skate brands so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. 

From our skateboard shop UK store in Madrid, we ship to the European continent: United Kingdom, Denmark, Belgium, Luxemburg, Netherlands, London, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Glasgow, Manchester, Leeds, Brighton, Cardiff, Bristol, Cambridge, Sheffield, Southtampton, Plymouth.

Custom complete skateboard

If you prefer to choose every part of your skate separately, in our online skate shop you can use our Skate Builder to get an extra discount of 15% on your order.

You can make sure that all the pieces fit well together by consulting our Skate Guide. And for any doubt that may remain, we will be happy to help. 

Don’t forget to equip yourself properly with a good skate helmet and protections. A protec helmet is an excellent option!


The oldest skateboard brand in Spain has been offering affordable and high quality material since 2001, designed by and for skaters, and always tested by #TheNomadFamily


The manufacturing skateboard process

Although their headquarters are in Zaragoza, nomadism and overcoming define this brand. For these reasons, Nomad manufactures its decks in the USA, with the supplier of the best woods (DSM). Each deck is pressed separately, with the highest quality epoxy. The epoxy resin is more aggressive than the usual glue in the industry, so it can achieve the same results with less quantity of product, and less total weight of the deck. In addition, its properties provide more hardness and a more durable pop. 

Watch here how is the manufacturing process of the Nomad Skateboards decks:


Nomad Skateboards Shapes and Concaves 

They have their own shapes, NMD1, NMD2 and NMD3, each with its corresponding concave. 


They differ in the length measurement for each width, in the nose, the tail and the wheelbase (the distance between the trucks). 

NMD1: Average standard shape, with a medium concave (9.9mm), and the nose a little more pronounced and longer than the tail. 

NMD3: More rounded and high concave (13mm). The tail and the nose are symmetrical. This form achieves a stronger board with a more durable poo than the previous NMD2.

NMD2: After the improvement of this model with the new NMD3 shape, there are few decks of this type left. They are symmetrical in terms of tail and nose angle, and the length of the deck hardly changes from one width to another, so that the same pop and flick is maintained. 

All Resin decks from nomad Skateboards have a 90-day warranty for any manufacturing defect. As for the designs, they remain linked to the underground culture, with its own hip hop aesthetic and with designs by Spanish and international artists for many of its most original series.



The wheels from Nomad Skateboards are made of a urethane formula renewed in 2018. 

They are manufactured in three different ways: N1, N2 and N3. 



N1: This is the shape of most Nomad wheels. They have a hardness of 83B. They are thinner in the center to reduce weight and facilitate the tricks. 

N2: This type is made with the all-terrain formula, with a classic rounded shape and hardness 83B, ideal for both park and street. 

N3: Similar to N2 but with hardness 85 A to resist better on more rugged surfaces. 



Nomad offers us very good bearings, with different Abec and made to minimize the friction, achieve optimal speed and be easy to get cleaned. 


There are also all kinds of Nomad accessories, such as griptapes of various designs, bolts, tools...


In Fillow we have the best models of nomad backpacks, bags for your skateboard, for traveling, for sports, fanny packs...


The Nomad team is constantly testing all the material, and they show us very often how they do it, on the skate videos they film skating like nomads everywhere. 

The team includes Cristian Delgado, Jeffrey Luque, Miguel Sánchez, Vladimir Ivanov, Andrés Nicanor, Mariano Alfaro, Antonio Pekovic, Sebas García and Sergio Lucea.

Do you want to see them in action? Here they are in the streets of Madrid: