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Skate Trucks by Element

Skate Trucks  by  Element

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Skateboard trucks are those metal parts bolted to the board and where the wheels are mounted on. They are assential for skateboarding, and for performing tricks like to grind. 
In Fillow, all the trucks are sold in pairs (as you need two for your skateboard) and the prices are for both. In this section you can find a wide catalog of sizes and models.
In this text we explain everything you need to know to get it right in choosing the trucks for your skateboard. 


In skateboarding both trucks are the same, you can bolt any of them under the nose and the other one under the tail. Many skaters use two bolts of a different color to mark the front of the skate, and so see it easily from above. 


Width skate truck

Each brand prefers a different way to measure trucks’ width. Venture, Industrial, Destructo, Theeve, Tensor, Element, Enuff, and some others, prefer to measure the whole truck in inches. Independent prefers to use the width of the hanger (the part of the truck between the wheels) in millimeters. Thunder prefers the measurements of the complete trucks, but in millimeters. And Silver uses the width of the deck for which the trucks are ideal. 
Here you can see a truck size guide skateboard with the correspondences between some brands:


Height Skateboard truck

This measure is the distance between the base of the truck (part bolted to the deck) and the center of the axle (where the wheels go). It determines the separation between the wheels and the board, which also depends on the wheels’ size, and whether or not you use risers. Trucks can be classified into three different heights, but each manufacturer considers them to be high from a different measurement, so we use the most common: 
Low trucks: (height from 50to 53 mm) They have a lower center of gravity, and may be easier to maneuver with them for some tricks, but they limit the size of the wheel you can use, as if the are too big they could touch the deck and brake (‘wheelbite’), which can be very dangerous. 
These trucks are also recommended for people of short stature and weight, as children for example. 
Medium trucks: (‘mid’, from 52 to 56 mm) They are more versatile, so they are used in most of the complete skateboards.
High trucks: (55-60mm) Hight trucks mainly serve to use larger wheels, but another option is to use risers on your skateboard. They are pieces that should be placed between the base of the truck and the deck. Very tall people often find high trucks more comfortable and get higher tricks with them. 

Types and materials

A huge part of the total weight of a complete skateboard depends on the trucks you choose, as they are the heavier parts. To perform tricks, you will greatly appreciate lightness, and therefore there are different options of trucks, with various materials and shapes. However, if you just want your skate to move around, it’s not worth it that you invest heavily in the lightest trucks, because the weight will not be important. If this is your case, remember that all the trucks we have in our store have proven quality, and any pair of the appropriate size will serve you well.
Almost all trucks are made of aluminum (base and hanger) and steel in the axle. The lighter ones use titanium and magnesium alloys, which are light and strong materials. 

Trucks’ shapes are quite standard, but some are ‘hollow’, which means that the underside of the hanger have been reduced for lighter weight, and sometimes also the kingpin is hollow. 


Bushings are the rubber parts on the trucks. All trucks for sale at Fillow have bushings already assembled by the manufacturers. They usually use the most standard ones, but you can change them whenever you want for others. Their prices are very low, so you surely can allow yourself to try several without spending too much. In the bushing section you will find all the information about the types of bushings that exists and which ones you should choose for your preferences in skateboarding. 


Mounting or replacing trucks is very easy. You just have to pay attention to the position: the kingpin (central vertical screw) should face in, in both trucks (as in the image). Put the bolts from the top of the deck, one in each hole, and then put the nuts and adjust them, all with the same firmness, without over-tightening because they could press the wood too much. 
If you are going to use risers or shockpads (thin rubber pieces, like risers but designed to cushion impacts), the assembling is the same, just place them between the truck and the deck before you put the bolts. You may need longer screws in this case. Almost all brands offer 7/8” and 1” bolts. The first ones serve if you don’t use risers, and the second ones, if you do. 
Many screw packs have one or two bolts of a different color, so you can put them close to the nose or tail to know from the top position of the skateboard. 
Check out here our Complete Guide Assembling a Skateboard.


The best skate brands are available at Fillow Skateshop. They have been tested and used by professional skaters: Venture, Independent, Silver, Thunder Trucks, Theeve, Tensor trucks skateboard, EnuffRoyal, Industrial, Destructo and many more.


If you are a beginner in skateboarding, we recommend you to choose basic, economical trucks, because at the beginning you will not be able to notice much difference between these and other more expensive. If you are of medium height, medium trucks are perfect to start.
For very young kids, we recommend low trucks, for easier maneuvering. 
At Fillow we have cheap skateboard trucks, all with confirmed quality and from great brands such as Imagine, Enuff, Industrial and Tensor, which are economical and offer excellent results, so the price will not be a problem to enjoy a good skateboard. 

Buy Element Skateboards

If you are looking for where to buy Element Skateboards products, this is the best Element shop, as we have a wide selection of the latest features and the best seller skate material from the brand. In our Skate Shop section you can choose between different categories such as decks, skate trucks, wheels, bearings, grip tapes, waxes and complete skateboards. 

Element Skateboards Deck

If you want to buy a board and you are looking for an Element Skateboards deck, in Fillow you will always find their top-selling logos that are a carryover that cannot be missing, such as the Element Section decks in different sizes 7.75, 8.0, 8.5, and the Quadrant, 92 Classic, or the Seal 8 deck, and of course the latest collections of the Element brand. They always surprise us with their art, their collaborations and their incredible quality.

One of the last collaboration of 2019 has been with National Geographic, responsible for the incredible images of this series of decks. There can be no better union since they have in common their love and passion for the world, the earth and its elements. The National Geographic decks have been brutally successful.  


Element Skateboards Complete Skateboards

Elements complete skateboards are a smart buy. If you prefer to enjoy your skate without having to set up anything, this is your best option: a product ready to be enjoyed, ready to allow you skate from day one with the best materials; Wheels, Trucks, Bearings, and Element Skateboards Decks, there is nothing more you can ask for!

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Element Skateboards Wheels

Element Skateboards Wheels is another important category. This brand offers wheels with awesome designs, always related to the collections that work every season and with its most basic popular logos such as the element section wheels in different sizes like 52 mm etc. 

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Element has a carefully designed clothing collection that always includes a line of basics with its most popular logos and a collection with unique designs and fantastic graphics. In the Element clothing we can also find important designers and collaborations.

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If you want to buy online Element skate t shirts, these are, year after year, the best-selling ones: Element Vertical T-Shirt, Signature, the Element Seal T-shirt, and the Blazin in different colours black, white, grey, red, blue.

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Element Skateboards Backpacks

To match your skater look, Element has awesome backpacks. The Element Mohave Backpack is the favourite of most skaters because of the many possibilities it offers, not only to carry your books, or school material, but to carry as well your skateboard comfortably and take it with you everywhereere you can see the whole collection of Element Backpacks online: Buy Element Backpack Skate

Element Skateboards History

Element Skateboards was created in 1992 by Johnny Schilereff. Its first name was ‘Underworld Element’, and after so much well done work, it has become the most famous skate brand in the world. Although its philosophy remains totally focused on the world of skateboarding, the Element clothing has also great success and can be seen in many cities. Element promotes positive values, about change and environmental care. The brand has one of the best teams of riders, Nyjah Huston for example is one of them. 

Element’s objective is simple: to be the best, in the most ethical, respectable and honest way possible. From the beginning they have been able to maintain those important values that make them who they are. They consider Element Skate as a family, not a business, all united to grow together and being very aware of the respect and importance of the environment. 

In this video you can see a little more about the history of Element Skateboards