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Various by Mini Logo Skateboards

Mini Logo Skateboards

It is a handmade brand that uses only the best materials. Skate One is the factory in charge of its products and they have more than 35 years of experience so they offer the best quality, shapes, sizes and pop.  

Mini Logo Skateboards Deck

Mini Logo skate brand is a leader in high performance skateboards. They make decks guaranteed against delamination, so the result is perfect throughout the entire duration of the deck.

Each deck is made of 7 layers of resistant maple, glued on special low-tension presses from the Skate One factory, called AirLam, that use water and moisture resistant glue, and then the boards get a semi-gloss lacquer finish. The bottom of the Mini logo decks is treated with a multilayer coating consisting of a wood seal and two colored layers. 

Mini Logo Skateboards Wheels

Another of the strengths of this brand is the skate wheels. 

Mini logo wheels are made using a long lasting formula, so they offer much better performance than other much more expensive wheels. Several skaters from the Mini Logo team have claimed that they prefer these wheels to skate. 

The formula consists of a combination of high performance urethane, and they are used to make wheels in several sizes, shapes and durometer, so you can choose the one that best suits your style skating. 

These are the available types:

Skate Wheels: Formula Mini Logo Hybrid 90a

These wheels combine speed and durability on a hard wheel so you can find fun on any kind of ground. High rebound and long-lasting urethane for professional performance, and with the ‘A cut’ for skating on all terrains (56mm) and with the ‘C cut’ shape for more technical skating (53mm). 

Skate Wheels: Formula Mini Logo AWOL 78a

AWOL 78a wheels A-cut shaped are suitable for rolling on any surface. Its formula and fiber reinforcement make them outperform most of the wheels, while being still cheap skate wheels. 

Skate One uses all its knowledge and techniques gained in almost 40 years of experience making great wheels such as those of Powell Peralta and Bones brands, but in Mini Logo the factory offer them at a lower price to help skateboards.