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Grip tape by Nomad

Grip tape  by  Nomad
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Skateboard Griptape

All you need to know to choose the best griptape for your skate.

Griptape could seems an element without any importance, but it is absolutely essential to skate. 

Without the griptape, the deck would slip, so it is absolutely necessary. It is important to choose a good one because you will notice the difference to get to do different tricks with your skate. 

Here you can find the answers to the most frequent questions about skate grip. 

Luckily, the grip for skate is one of the cheapest parts of your skate and for a very low price you can buy a good quality griptape to use your skateboard without any problem. 

Which griptape should I use for skateboard?

All the griptapes for sale in our skateboard shop are perfect for your skateboard, and they fulfill these characteristics: 

  • Perfect granulation for optimal grip without breaking or damaging your skate shoes. 
  • Extra strong adhesive side to make sure that once stuck, it will not move from its place. 
  • No-bubble system, very improved in the last few years. Some of us (who are old enough) still remember the damn air bubbles. The new materials allow air to scape, so we don’t need to be so careful anymore when sticking the griptape, as the micro-perforations will save us from that disaster. 

At this point, surely you already know that all our griptapes are good enough, so you can relax and just choose the design you like the most. 

Black Griptape

Black griptape is and has always been the most popular, but there is a lot of color options to choose among to decorate your deck. 

Colored Griptape

You can find grips of all colors: white, red, yellow, green, purple, pink, blue... Color checkered, tie dye, with drawings, logos, flower patterns, camo print, skulls, the one with the bear from Grizzly Griptape, that has the bear cut so you can leave the hole so see the upper face of your deck.

Fluorescent Griptapes

Also, there are fluorescent griptapes from Nomad Skateboards that are great because they make us feel safer when skating at night. 2018 Nomad Griptape Series: Glow In The Dark. 

Transparent Griptape for Skateboard

This kind of griptape is becoming very popular, because as it has a transparent material, you can have all the grip but still see all the designs and colors on the top of your deck. There are many decks that have very cool logos, drawings or colors on top, and it is a pity to fully cover them with a regular griptape. Transparent griptapes have the same quality than the rest. 

You can find transparent griptapes from many brands, and increasingly. They are completely transparent, or with small drawings that looks great, without covering the deck. These grips are also used when you want to customize the top of your deck with your own painting. 

Free Griptape

Free Griptape when you buy any of our decks. We give away the black griptape for free.


Where should I buy skateboard griptape?

You already are in the perfect shop for that. In our online skate shop you can buy any kind of griptape from the best brands.

We work with official providers, so our products have the quality and guarantee of the manufacturers themselves. Among the best seller brands we highlight: Jessup Griptape, Creature, Nomad, Independent, Mob Griptape.  

If you want to purchase cheap griptape, in our skate shop there are available and ready to be sent. In 24 hours your order will be shipped to: London, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Glasgow, Manchester, Leeds, Brighton, Cardiff, Bristol, Cambridge, Sheffield, Southtampton, Plymouth, Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Germany... And the shipping costs are free over a minimum order’s price. 

As you already know, all our products have the minimum price guaranteed, so even the griptape is one of the cheapest parts of your skateboard, in Fillow you can be sure that you are purchasing cheap grip at the lowest price. 

How to clean skateboard griptape?

The griptape is a part of the skateboard that gets dirty a lot, and it could lose grip and look awful. The good news are that it is very simple to take care of it, you are just going to need liquid soap, a brush, and to follow these steps: 

  1. Place your skateboard on a flat surface where it won’t move. 
  2. Put some soap, like the one you use to wash dishes, on the grip. 
  3. Brush the soap all over the griptape, until it is lightly covered in foam. 
  4. Dry the soap with a clean cloth or some paper. Don’t rub, just place the cloth on the soap to dry it. And it’s ready! Your grip should be as clean as when it was new. 

There are more professional products for a more delicate care of the griptape, and of course you can buy them in Fillow. 

Our skate shop offers those products to clean your griptape and pamper it as it deserves: Griptape Cleaner. 

How to replace a skateboard griptape?

The grip gets worn over time, although if we take care of it and clean it often, it can last much longer. However, there comes a time that either because it is damaged or we are tired of it and we want to put a cool new design, we should replace it. 

Don’t panic, it is not as complicated as it could seems. The first thing to be done is to remove the old griptape from the skateboard. 

We are going to need a skate tool, a cutter and a normal hair dryer. 

  1. Remove the trucks, using the skate tool. 
  2. Heat the grip with the hair dryer.
  3. Tear up an edge of the grip, big enough to place your fingers under it and begin to pull. 
  4. Pull slow and carefully, as you continue heating the grip, but not too much because you could break it.
  5. Once you have removed it completely, keep a piece of it, it can be useful to polish the new one. 

How do you put griptape on a skateboard?

To stick your new griptape, you can read how to do it on our Guide: Assembling a Skateboard. It is very easy. 


The oldest skateboard brand in Spain has been offering affordable and high quality material since 2001, designed by and for skaters, and always tested by #TheNomadFamily


The manufacturing skateboard process

Although their headquarters are in Zaragoza, nomadism and overcoming define this brand. For these reasons, Nomad manufactures its decks in the USA, with the supplier of the best woods (DSM). Each deck is pressed separately, with the highest quality epoxy. The epoxy resin is more aggressive than the usual glue in the industry, so it can achieve the same results with less quantity of product, and less total weight of the deck. In addition, its properties provide more hardness and a more durable pop. 

Watch here how is the manufacturing process of the Nomad Skateboards decks:


Nomad Skateboards Shapes and Concaves 

They have their own shapes NMD1 and NMD2 each with its corresponding concave. 

They differ in the length measurement for each width, in the nose, the tail and the wheelbase (the distance between the trucks). 

NMD1: Average standard shape, with a medium concave (9.9mm), and the nose a little more pronounced and longer than the tail. 

NMD2: More rounded and high concave (13mm). The tail and the nose are symmetrical. This form achieves a stronger board with a more durable poo than the previous NMD2.

All Resin decks from nomad Skateboards have a 90-day warranty for any manufacturing defect. As for the designs, they remain linked to the underground culture, with its own hip hop aesthetic and with designs by Spanish and international artists for many of its most original series.



The wheels from Nomad Skateboards are made of a urethane formula renewed in 2018. 

They are manufactured in three different ways: N1, N2 and N3. 



N1: This is the shape of most Nomad wheels. They have a hardness of 83B. They are thinner in the center to reduce weight and facilitate the tricks. 

N2: This type is made with the all-terrain formula, with a classic rounded shape and hardness 83B, ideal for both park and street. 

N3: Similar to N2 but with hardness 85 A to resist better on more rugged surfaces. 



Nomad offers us very good bearings, with different Abec and made to minimize the friction, achieve optimal speed and be easy to get cleaned. 


There are also all kinds of Nomad accessories, such as griptapes of various designs, bolts, tools...


In Fillow we have the best models of nomad backpacks, bags for your skateboard, for traveling, for sports, fanny packs...


The Nomad team is constantly testing all the material, and they show us very often how they do it, on the skate videos they film skating like nomads everywhere. 

The team includes Cristian Delgado, Jeffrey Luque, Miguel Sánchez, Vladimir Ivanov, Andrés Nicanor, Mariano Alfaro, Antonio Pekovic, Sebas García and Sergio Lucea.

Do you want to see them in action? Here they are in the streets of Madrid: