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What are bushings?

Bushing are those rubber parts in your skate trucks. Depending on how they are, the response of your trucks will change (softer or harder as you turn)

When to replace bushings?

If you feel that your trucks no longer perform like when they were new, it is likely that your bushings are in poor condition and it is time to change the bushings of your trucks

Where are the bushings?

On each truck of your skate there are two bushings. They are in the center, crossed by the central screw (kingpin). The upper one is between the kingpin’s head and the truck body, and the lower one between the truck body and the base. Each of them is always accompanied by a concave metal washer that protects it and keeps it in place. 

Which bushing should I choose?

To know what kind of bushing is most recommended for your way of skating and your physical characteristics, you have to take into account the shape and hardness of the bushings. Keep reading to learn about the different types of bushings you can find and which one is best for you. It depends on your weight and your style of skating. 

Bushings Sizes

In general, within skateboarding, the main brands offer standard sizes that will suit you for any brand of trucks. 

Different shapes of bushings or pads. 

The gums can have very varied shapes. The upper one and the lower one are different. There are mainly two types: conical bushings and standard bushings. 

Conical bushings: The conical bushings have both that shape, the lower one and also the upper one.

Standard or cylinder: The lower bushing is cylindrical and the upper one is conical. 

What we recommend is to use the same shape of the bushings your trucks have when you bought them. The difference between the conical and the standard bushings is that the conical ones feel looser, more like a surfskate, and the cylinder ones (cone + cylinder) are more stable. 

Hardness of the bushings

Bushings are available in various hardnesses. As long as you use the same shape, you can try a different hardness of bushings. It should be a softer one if you want a softer turn, or a harder one if you prefer them to be more quick and resistant.

Bushings are made of urethane, like skate wheels. If you are familiar with wheels’ hardness, you already know it is measured on the A scale. The higher the number, the greater the hardness of the material. As an example, 90A bushings are soft, and 100A are harder. 

In addition to your personal preferences, to choose the ideal bushings for you, you must also take into account other factors such as your weight and your style. If you are heavy and you are aggressive in your tricks, it will be better for you to add some hardness. 

If your weight is under 70 Kg, you can use soft gums from 85 to 90A, or 90-100A if you prefer them harder. If you weigh more than 80Kg, we recommend that you use at least 90-95A bushings, or from 100A for harder feeling. 


As explained before, they serve to protect and keep the bushings in place. Most sets of bushings available in Fillow bring their own washers, but they are available separately too, because many times you will have to replace the bushings while the washers are still in good shape, as they are metallic and last longer. 

What is the rubber part of the truck that is not a bushing?

If you have read all this waiting for the moment in which we talked about the other small piece of rubber of your trucks, what you are looking for is a pivot cup. 

The pivot cups are small caps that are located between the hanger and the base, but not in the kingpin part, but in the other central part where the hanger joins the base. 

Damaged or broken pivot cups are not rare, if that happens, you will need to buy pivot cups. 

There are not as many options as with bushings, just choose one exact the same size as the one your trucks brought. To buy the correct size of pivot cups, just choose one from the same brand of your trucks, or a big skate company that uses standard measures. 

Anyway, if you have any doubt, remember that you can contact customer service and we will be glad to help you.


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