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Types of skateboard bolts

In the assembly of a skate, two kinds of bolts are used: 

On one hand, we have those that hold the trucks to the deck. They can have allen type head (hexagonal) or phillips. Four screws are used for each truck, and of course with their four respective nuts. The bolt packages we sell always include all the elements needed to set up the trucks (8 bolts and 8 nuts).

The other type of bolts we find is the kingpin, which is located in the center of the truck. All the trucks already have the kingpin incorporated, but the use and the hits that it received make it sometimes necessary to change the central bolt or kingpin, and you do not have to replace the entire truck. 

Skate bolts sizes

Allen and phillips bolts that hold the trucks to the deck are available in different sizes that refer to the length. The most usual measurement is, in inches, 1.25”, 1” and 7/8”. Depending on the height of the truck, or if you are using risers, pads or shock pads, it would be necessary to use a longer bolt.

Recommended skate bolt sizes

To serve as a guide, these are the correct sizes you should use for each kind of pad: 

  • No Pads: 7/8”
  • Low pads or shock pads: 1”
  • Medium pads: 1.25”
  • High pads: 1.5”

If you have any questions about skateboard bolt sizes, use our email to ask us, we will be glad to help you. 

Mounting Skate Bolts

Once we are clear about the types of bolts there are and the size we need, we must know where each of them is located. 

Below you can see an image of the different bolts of skateboard, so you know exactly where each one is. 

Andale Bearings

Andale Bearings was founded in 2010 by professional skaters Paul Rodriguez and Joey Brezinski and, since then, it has not stopped growing. They remain specialized in creating high quality skate bearings, but gradually they include other products like skate clothing and other skate material in their catalog.

Without a doubt, something very important that has made this young brand grow that much is the amazing team of riders they managed to put together. Names like: Manny Santiago, Daewon Song, Marc Johnson, Guy Mariano, Sheckler, Nick Tucker and many others are the brand ambassadors around the world, so it is not surprising its rapid growth and the great projection it has.

Fillow Skate Shop we have the entire catalog of Andale Swiss Bearings, or Andale Swiss Pro Bearing, of a high quality,ready to be shipped and with lowest price policy.