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Skate Shop

Thank you for trusting Fillow and choosing us as your skate shop. We have been loving skateboarding for a long time and that's why we do our best to always bring you the best material, so that you don't miss anything.

What matters most to us is that your experience in our online skate shop is perfect, so if you have any questions at any time or if you miss something, don't hesitate to write us. We will be happy to help you.

Skate Shop Online

If you want to buy skate, in Fillow we bet for internet from the beginning, because we saw that it was the perfect tool to reach any customer who wanted to buy a skate, skate shoes or any accessory from anywhere in the country. It didn't matter if you were from because thanks to working online, we could be your usual skateshop no matter the distance and offer you the convenience of buying a decks, trucks, wheels, or whatever you needed at any time, from your home, without moving at all.

Today this seems commonplace... but in those years, many people thought it was crazy and said that a skate shop could only be local.

Over the years, we have strived to improve our service as much as possible. Always trying to offer the largest possible catalogue of the best brands in the sector, advising thousands of skaters who do not have a shop near their home or who simply prefer to do it online. We have sponsored and collaborated with countless projects related to skateboarding over the years and we hope to be able to do so for many more.

The best skate brands

Apart from a great service, we have always thought that what distinguishes good skate shops is to offer as much material as possible, so that customers can choose from a wide variety according to their needs. The best assortment of skateboards and all skateboard accessories.

In Fillow we can say that we work with practically all the skateboard brands of reference at all times. You can find from the most technological boards to cheap boards, skateboards or skateboards but always from quality brands so that skaters with lower budgets have a product with which to improve, have fun and skate which, after all, is the ultimate goal.

Among the most demanded skateboard brands we have: Element, Independent, Santa Cruz, Jart, Girl, Chocolate, Madness, Almost, Blind, Enjoi, Tensor, Birdhouse, Enuff, Emillion, Creture, Cruzade, Darkstar, Globe, Zero, Baker, Antihero, Bones, Primitive