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Skate decks buying guide

If you buy a deck, you will receive only the wooden part of a skateboard, and the grip tape. If you are looking for a complete skateboard, take a look at our Complete Skates section, where you can choose among a large selection of skates ready to be sent and used. If you prefer to choose each part separately, remember that you can set up your own complete skate with the deck you prefer and with a 15% discount using our Skate Builder.

Skate board Grip tape

To be able to use your new deck properly, it is absolutely necessary to apply a grip tape on it. We always send a free grip with the purchase of a deck in our skate shop online. The only exception is with boards over 9” wide, since the grip have a standard size of 9x33 inches, so it would not be large enough. 

We have a large selection of grips available, there are many colors and designs. Visit our skateboard grip tape section to see them all and choose yours.

Skateboard Decks sizes

The size of a skate deck is one of the most important things you should care about when choosing which board to buy. You need to select the width that best suits you, depending on the kind of skateboarding you want to practice, the size of your feet, and your height. All the decks have the width measurement specified in inches in the description of the product, although you can also use our filters (in the left column) to be able to search only among those that will work well for you. 

Here you can check our table with the recommended deck sizes for each feet size, which is usually a factor related to height too. This is only an initial recommendation, among that sizes you should choose depending on the style of skateboarding you want to practice. For street and technical tricks, the narrower measures are better, as it will be easier to move your skate. For walk and for ramps, wider boards are preferred as they provide greater stability. 

Anyway, within these margins, which are the most common, the decision is a matter of taste. Ideally, you should try several sizes until you find the one you feel most comfortable with.  

Feet Size Deck's Width (inches)
< 35 (and children up to 8 years old) 7.0 - 7.5
35-39 7.5 - 7.8
40-42 7.75 - 8.0
42-44 8.0 - 8.25
44 or larger 8.1 - 8.6+

Stakeboard decks concaves and shapes

Skates decks are not all the same, there are made off many different materials, with different construction technologies, designs, shapes and concaces. 

The concave is the curvature of the deck on its central part, which can be very pronounced (high concave) or light (low). The purpose of the concave is that the deck has a better response and greater grip on contact with the feet. 

The shapes have different noses and tails forms. For example, “old school” decks have sharper noses and wider tails. The angle of those parts with respect to the deck can also vary, and also the shape of the curve. If you need more information about the concave and specific shapes of each brand, do not hesitate to ask us. 

Skateboard deck technology 

As you may have noticed, the differences on the prices of decks are very significant. Many times it is because of the materials and the way in which each deck is constructed. They are commonly made with seven sheets of maple. Many brands offer technical models that include various improvements in materials or type of construction, always with the aim of increasing resistance to breakage, and to reduce weight as much as possible. 

The best material for skateboards is the Canadian maple. To stick the 7 sheets of wood together, there are different glues that can be used. The best of them is epoxy resin (‘resin’ decks). Also, each brand has its own way of pressing the entire deck, which makes the price vary. 

Some of the options to make better decks are to make thinner sheets, add carbon fiber discs (or a whole sheet, or two, or one and the discs), of fiberglass, and a long etcetera. You can consult all the available technologies in our Guide of Deck’s Technologies

What are the best skateboard brands?

Some customers ask us that question every day, but there is not a single answer. The choice of a brand is something very subjective that responds to many factors that could be more or less important for each skater. Some of those factors are materials, ideology of the brand, shapes, constructions, graphics, team riders, etc. 

Some skaters are loyal to a brand for years, while others prefer to try a different brand every time they have to renew the skateboard. 

The only advice we give is that, if you really want to learn to skate seriously, you should always choose a brand specialized in skate, whit a reliable history on the market, because what we can say for sure is that there is a big difference between a deck from a skate brand and one that you can find in a toy store or a supermarket. 

Cheap Skateboard Decks

Just because it is cheap, it doesn’t mean a deck has to have a lower performance, mainly if you are not a pro yet, as long as it is from a trustworthy brand specialized in skateboarding. 

In fact, we recommend you to choose, as your first deck, one from the cheapest, because at the beginning you will not be able to appreciate the differences between it and an expensive one. 

There are some brands that care about offering cheap decks with the same quality than others, just a better price, and some other brands, more famous, also have cheaper options that are just not pro models or don’t have spectacular graphics, thus saving on cost.

And don’t forget about the English brand specialized in being the cheapest one, the favorite of those with tight budgets and quality requirements, our dear Enuff Skateboard decks. 

We always offer disscount in our outlet section, so you can see our skateboard decks for sale.

Recommended Skateboard Brands

In Fillow we have one of the largest skateboard catalogs in Europe and we are continually renewing it with more models every week. 

All the brands available in our store are absolutely proven brands, they will provide you a great performance to skate. 

If we have to highlight some of the most important brands, we could name the following: 

European Skateboard Decks 

The best for us are Nomad Skateboards, Jart, BDSkateCo and Imagine. All of them offer high quality decks, with a very affordable price. They  are already a reference in the skate scene in Europe, and they have great teams of riders that give them support. 

International Skate Decks

Some of them have become really mythical after so many years of history in the skateboarding scene. 

We work with the best known brands in the sector, such as Powell Peralta, Santa Cruz, Almost, Blind, Zero Skateboard, Element, Enjoi, Darkstar, and the new brand from the Dwindle group: Madness Skateboards

There are so many! We try to offer them all, so you can choose among one of the widest catalogues, being sure that everything you can find in Fillow has proven quality. Anyway, if you miss something, do not hesitate to tell us what are you looking for and we will try to get it for you. 

Where to buy skateboard decks?

If you want a professional skateboard deck, in Fillow we have the largest catalog of the most important skate brands, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

From our UK skate shop in Madrid, we ship to all the United Kingdom, London, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Glasgow, Manchester, Leeds, Brighton, Cardiff, Bristol, Cambridge, Sheffield, Southtampton, Plymouth and other countries such as: France, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Holland, Spain… 



The oldest skateboard brand in Spain has been offering affordable and high quality material since 2001, designed by and for skaters, and always tested by #TheNomadFamily


The manufacturing skateboard process

Although their headquarters are in Zaragoza, nomadism and overcoming define this brand. For these reasons, Nomad manufactures its decks in the USA, with the supplier of the best woods (DSM). Each deck is pressed separately, with the highest quality epoxy. The epoxy resin is more aggressive than the usual glue in the industry, so it can achieve the same results with less quantity of product, and less total weight of the deck. In addition, its properties provide more hardness and a more durable pop. 

Watch here how is the manufacturing process of the Nomad Skateboards decks:


Nomad Skateboards Shapes and Concaves 

They have their own shapes, NMD1, NMD2 and NMD3, each with its corresponding concave. 


They differ in the length measurement for each width, in the nose, the tail and the wheelbase (the distance between the trucks). 

NMD1: Average standard shape, with a medium concave (9.9mm), and the nose a little more pronounced and longer than the tail. 

NMD3: More rounded and high concave (13mm). The tail and the nose are symmetrical. This form achieves a stronger board with a more durable poo than the previous NMD2.

NMD2: After the improvement of this model with the new NMD3 shape, there are few decks of this type left. They are symmetrical in terms of tail and nose angle, and the length of the deck hardly changes from one width to another, so that the same pop and flick is maintained. 

All Resin decks from nomad Skateboards have a 90-day warranty for any manufacturing defect. As for the designs, they remain linked to the underground culture, with its own hip hop aesthetic and with designs by Spanish and international artists for many of its most original series.



The wheels from Nomad Skateboards are made of a urethane formula renewed in 2018. 

They are manufactured in three different ways: N1, N2 and N3. 



N1: This is the shape of most Nomad wheels. They have a hardness of 83B. They are thinner in the center to reduce weight and facilitate the tricks. 

N2: This type is made with the all-terrain formula, with a classic rounded shape and hardness 83B, ideal for both park and street. 

N3: Similar to N2 but with hardness 85 A to resist better on more rugged surfaces. 



Nomad offers us very good bearings, with different Abec and made to minimize the friction, achieve optimal speed and be easy to get cleaned. 


There are also all kinds of Nomad accessories, such as griptapes of various designs, bolts, tools...


In Fillow we have the best models of nomad backpacks, bags for your skateboard, for traveling, for sports, fanny packs...


The Nomad team is constantly testing all the material, and they show us very often how they do it, on the skate videos they film skating like nomads everywhere. 

The team includes Cristian Delgado, Jeffrey Luque, Miguel Sánchez, Vladimir Ivanov, Andrés Nicanor, Mariano Alfaro, Antonio Pekovic, Sebas García and Sergio Lucea.

Do you want to see them in action? Here they are in the streets of Madrid: