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Skateboard Bearings

Skateboard Bearings are an essential part of your skateboard. They are responsible for your skateboard wheels to rotate with velocity ... it is essential to have good bearings that are in perfect operating status.


How many bearings does a skateboard need?

Skateboard bearings are the pieces that are mounted between the skateboard trucks and the skateboard wheels to keep them spinning. Each wheel has two bearings (one on each side), and sometimes it has also a spacer (although it is optional, we will tell you more about them later). So a complete set of bearings includes 8. 

Each bearing consists of two concentric cylinders that contain small metallic or ceramic balls, depending on the model. The inner balls are embedded in cells to maintain their position. 

All the skate bearings that we have for sale in Fillow have the same standard size, and they are suitable for any wheel and truck measurement, so in this case you don’t have to worry about sizes.  

Which bearings are better for skate?

Skateboard Bearings can be made of different materials, mainly steel, titanium or ceramic. 

In addition, they can be sealed, open or closed only on one side. It depends on whether or not they have side covers (called ‘shields’) that prevent dirt from entering into the balls’ cells. Closed bearings require less maintenance, but open ones can be a bit faster and there are people who like to hear the noise they produce when skating.

What is ABEC?

‘Annular Bearing Engineering Council’ is a classification created by an association of bearing manufacturers to try to determine different levels of precision. It is often said that the higher the ABEC (normally 3, 5, 7 or 9 in skate) the higher the speed they reach, but to be exact we should say the higher the ABEC, the more accurate the bearing, because it meets more technical manufacturing requirements and has less chance of failure. 

On the other hand, we must take into consideration the durability, since that precision could be lost over time, so in the end it is not possible to ensure that some bearings are necessarily better than others only by the ABEC. To be sure you are purchasing a good bearing, we recommend you to choose it among the offer of the most established brands in the sector. In Fillow we have a wide selection of the best, all of guaranteed quality. In addition, proper maintenance and lubrication will help you maintain your bearings in good shape for a longer time. Keep reading to know how you can do that. 

If you are looking for speed, remember that it is a factor that depends on more things, apart from the bearings and their quality, such as if the trucks are perfectly aligned, the wheels (hardness, size, condition), the floor and your ability as a skater. Most bearings have the ability to reach speeds that you really will not even reach with a skateboard, so a set of cheap bearings will be good enough if you are a beginner and you do not have clear preferences at the moment.

Classifications other than ABEC

According to what we have said above, many brands believe that the ABEC classification is not too useful. For example, it is not applicable to ceramic bearings, which have proven to be better in many cases. We can find in each brand different range of bearings, from the most basic to the most professional. Several manufacturers offer ceramics, called swiss in some cases (such as Bones or Andale). In each brand you can find more information about its catalog, and for Bones we have an entire Guide of Bones Bearing

Spacers and rings, what are they and what do they do?

Spacers for bearings

The spacers are small cylindrical metal pieces. Its use is optional, although highly recommended. They are mounted in the hole of the wheel, just between one bearing and the other one. If you use them, even if the wheel gets damaged (it can happen if it is soft), the bearings will stay in place, instead of going further into the wheel, damaging it even more. 

Rings for bearings

The rings, washers or speed rings are the metal circles that go between the hanger and the bearing, on the inner side of the shaft, and between the bearing and the nut on the outside. They serve to reduce friction and thus achieve a faster and more durable rotation of the wheels. All the trucks that are for sale in Fillow already have their own washers. 

When choosing your bearings, note that some have spacers included, another, extra washers, and there are some that come with wax. If the bearings you want don’t have them, you can always buy them separately in our skate accessories section. 

Assembly and disassembly of the bearings

You can see how to assemble a complete skateboard piece by piece, in text and video, in our Skate Assembly Guide. More specifically, the bearings are very easy to place on the wheels. 

How to assemble skateboard bearings?

First, you have to see if the ones you bought have shields on both sides or only one. If they are sealed only on one side, remember to place it on the outer side of the wheel on both sides, otherwise they would not do you any good. 

Once you have taken care of that, to assemble the bearings you just have to put your skateboard on its side, remove the side nut of one of the trucks (and the old wheel if it is still there). Put the bearing on the truck and then the wheel, paying attention that the central hole should coincide with the bearing. Now you have to push, helping yourself with your own weight, until is perfectly fitted. If you use spacers, this is the moment to place them, before mounting the second bearing on the wheel. 

To place the bearing on the other side, remove the wheel, place the bearing on the truck, and repeat the process with the wheel set in the other position. Most of the wheels are symmetrical, so you can leave them mounted in any position. 

How to disassemble a skateboard bearing?

Removing the old bearings from your wheels may cost you if you have never done it before, but do not worry, there is a trick. The best way to do it is using the truck itself as a lever. You have to remove the nut and put the wheel on the edge, until only the last bearing is inside the truck. Then pull the wheel hard at an angle of 90 degrees to the truck, and it will come out undamaged. Repeat the process on the other side of the wheel to remove the other bearing. 

Cleaning and maintenance of the bearings 

The main enemies of your bearings are deformation, water and dust. The water will oxidize them, so it is better to be careful with the puddles and not go skating when it rains. In addition to being more dangerous, the wet can also damage your deck. Dust can get inside and hinder the rotation of the spheres inside the bearing. It is rare that the bearings get deformed, but it can happen with very strong blows, or several attempts to put or remove the bearing with great force and little skill. If the shield becomes dented inwards, it can stop the rotation of the inner spheres. In that case, you will need new bearings. 

So in summary, if you want your bearings to work perfectly and last longer, put them and remove them as we have explained, and try to keep them clean. It may seem a little annoying, but it will be worth it, and we tell you how to do it, you will see that it is not so bad. 

How to clean your skate bearings? 

The external cleaning doesn’t need much explanation. Obviously you will have to remove the dirt with a slightly damp cloth, regardless of the type of bearings they are. 

If your bearings are not sealed on both sides, you will have to open them from time to time to do a little maintenance. Remove the side cover carefully. You can use for example a safety pin, or something similar. When you have open the 8 bearings, put them without dumping them in a bowl or container with alcohol, or a specific solution for cleaning skate bearings. Stir for about five minutes so that the dirt comes out, and leave them another ten minutes to soak. 

After that time, if they are already clean, place them carefully on a horizontal surface, on top of a clean cloth, to dry completely. 

Some brands like Bones have a special bottle where you can place the bearings and shake them so that they clean well. 

How to lubricate skate bearings?

It is best to use bearing lubricants specifically to skate bearings, since not all machines need the same type of lubrication, and you could mess them up or make the balls sticky, if the product you use is not the most indicated. 

Two or three drops or lubricant would be enough for each bearing. Then place the side covers, making sure they are tightly closed. Now you can reassemble them in your skate, remember to put them with the side that is sealed on the outside of the wheel. 

The best skate bearing brands

Most of the big skate material manufacturers have their own bearings, with the same quality as everything they manufacture. Bones Bearings is unquestionably one of the best brand for decades. We have an exclusive guide in which we tell you everything about them: Bones Bearings Guide. 

Also very specialized in bearings, Andale has a wide range, from the basic to the most professional, pro models and fun packs that includes waxes. Other specialized brands are Arrow bearings, Speed Demons bearings, Lucky bearings, Bronson beargins

The proven quality of other leading brands in the sector is also evident in their bearings. This is the case of Independent, Diamond bearings, Enjoi, Royal, Nomad, Toy Machine, Shorty’s, Rush, Girl, Independent Beargins

Cheap Skateboard Bearings

Remember that we make sure that all the bearings that you can buy in Fillow have enough quality to fulfill their purposes. 

There are basic bearings that will be perfect if you are a beginner or if your skating is not very technical. They have basic prices and are from brands such as BDSkateCO, that is committed to making skateboarding accessible to all budgets, so is Enuff. The prices of Mosaic, Mini-Logo, FKD, Arrow or Element are also very competitive, and even without reaching the 20€ you can find the offer of other major brands such as Pig, Lucky, Jart, Shake Junt, Flip, Hydroponic...

Price of Skateboard Bearings

In our store you can choose from a wide range of prices, depending on the brands and the Abec of the bearings. From 160€ you can buy the most accurate, fastest and best on the market: Swiss Ceramics. If you prefer cheaper brands such as BDSkate, you can have your bearings for 7.90€, and from Enuff for 10€. 

Buy skateboard bearings

In Fillow you can buy skate bearings from the most important brands in the sector. From the mythical Bones Bearings in all its models: Swiss, Bone Reds, Bones Super Reds... and many other brands such as Andale, Mosaic, Enuff, Bronson, FKD, Element and many more. 

From our UK skate shop in Madrid you can buy skateboard bearings and we will send them to wherever you are: London, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Glasgow, Manchester, Leeds, Brighton, Cardiff, Bristol, Cambridge, Sheffield, Southtampton, Plymouth, or other countries like Denmark, Belgium, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Italy, France and many more. 

Parts of the skateboard bearings

In this image you can see which are the parts that compose a skateboard bearing. 


Jart Skateboards History

Jart is a Spanish brand that was founded in 2002 in Irun (Basque Country). Iraola brothers (Igor, Ander and Iban) come from a family that has been dedicated to the wood industry for a long time, which, in along with their passion for skateboarding and other sports, encouraged them to create their own skate decks. Until then, the manufacture of skate decks was something that was done almost exclusively in the USA, there were no large producers in Europe. 

The three brothers made their first deck in the garage, back in the year 2000, and throughout these years the business has grown dramatically. Today they own the manufacturing and distribution company called HCL, which makes more than 20,000 decks per month and includes other brands in addition to Jart, such as Sk8Mafia, Habitat or Flip. 

Jart follows all the guidelines for a good environmental practice, it could not be otherwise, since they know well the materials, the manufacturing processes, and they are faithful to their ideals of taking care of our planet. The hard maple they use in their decks comes exclusively from controlled forests in the United States, and the correct waste management during the producing process is also very important for them. 

The iconic logo of the brand, two concentric ovals, represents the growth rings of the trees. 

Jart Skateboards Decks

Where are jart skateboards made? The Jart factory is in Irun. They press every deck one by one to ensure the highest quality, and not massively into a mold as other brands do, because that way could be uneven in terms of shape and concave. 

The extensive catalog of Jart Skates has been designed with a skater lifestyle in mind. Their boards are perfect for skaters of any level, from beginners to the most advanced. They can have a variety of concaves so that everyone can choose how much control they want to have on their skate. They also offer many different measures, from 7.25 for the smallest riders, to 9 for pool lovers. 

As for the designs, throughout all their years of history, they have launched many different series, always characterized by a touch of elegance and good taste. Browse among the different series to find the ones you like the most: Jart Logo, Jart Classic...

Jart Skateboards Wheels

As a great manufacturer, quality is ensured in everything they produce. Jart wheels have their own urethane formula, and the center hardened for speed and precision. They are available in sizes from 50 to 55 mm and with several different hardness options. The designs are similar to those used for their decks, always cool and original. 

Jart Skateboards bearings and skate accessories

Jart manufactures chromed bearings of different ABEC (Abec 3, Abec 5, Abec 7). Chrome is a metal that is very resistant to corrosion, thanks to which your bearings will be more durable. 

Currently, Jart is manufacturing all of its bearings sealed on one side against dirt. On the other side, they have a rubber protector that keeps everything in place, but at the same time it is very easy to remove to clean the bearing as often as we should. The retainer (the part that keeps the balls separated from each other) is made of nylon 66. All bearings are lubricated with high speed oil.

Jart Complete Skateboards

Jart complete skateboards have a great quality. They are made in Europe and offers a great performance for those who want to start skating with good material and for those that are already experts.

All the pieces (deck, wheels, bearings) are from Jart, except the trucks, that are usually from the great brand Iron. 

In addition to a wide variety of designs, Jart offers many options in its complete skates, not just the most basic as it happens with many other brands. If you already know what you like for your skating, in Jart you can do a more specific search and still find a complete skateboard perfect for you, because they offer some with high or low trucks, Abec 7 bearings, many wheel sizes, etc. 

Jart Skateboards Price

Another good thing about this brand is that, even with such a great quality, they manage to offer great prices: 

Jart Decks prices: 41.21£ - 53.78£

Jart Wheels prices: 25.56£ - 36.77£

Jart Complete Skateboards: 95.03£ 

Check out the outlet to find our best offers at the moment, and thanks to our policy of minimum price, you can be sure that you will find your Jart Skateboards deck cheap.

Jart Skateboards Team

Like every big brand, Jart Skateboards has its own team of riders. At the moment it is formed by the German Mark Frölich, the French Adrien Bulard, Fernan Origel (Mexico), Carlos Zarazua (USA), the Spanish carlos Neira and Sergio Muñoz, and as amateurs the Brazilian Roger Silva and the Portuguese Gustavo Ribeiro. 

Here you can see who for many people is the star of the team, Bulard in action: 


Jart Skateboards Decks Series / Collaborations Jart Skateboards

The deck series from Jart have boards of very varied measures. 

The most classic, Jart Skateboard Classic Deck, has the logo and the name of the brand, with a multi-colored background.

In many others you will find their name, since now that you know their history, you understand how proud you can be to wear it. They have written it in several styles, such as the Acid series with multi-colored gradient background, the Future series, 3D...

But of course they also have more daring designs, such as their collaboration with Playboy, or the series Pool Before Death, which reaches very large sizes and offers drawings for all tastes. 





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