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Bones Bearings

For decades, Bones has been one of the brands that manufactures skate wheels and skate bearings of the highest quality. 

Currently, the following bearing models are marketed to cover the different needs and budgets of the customers: Bones Reds, Bones Super Reds, Bones Ceramic Reds, Bones Swiss, Bones Super Swiss 6, Bones Swiss Labyrinth and the Bones Swiss Ceramics.

Bones also has another very important division that is Bones Wheels, that manufactures some of wheels most demanded by skaters for generations, and which are famous for their quality and performance. 

Bones Bearings were born when in 1980 George Powell realizes the difficulty of finding good bearings for skate. In those years, the entire American market of bearings was monopolized by the Japanese bearings that, although they had worse quality that the Americans, were preferred due to their low cost and massive production. They had an acceptable quality, but they were not very fast. 

The other alternative was the German bearings, which were a bit better... but did not meet the needs of the skaters of the time. 

After analyzing that situation, Powell decided that he would travel through America and Europe searching better alternatives. 

The trip ended up in a small bearing manufacturer in Switzerland, whose bearings were faster than any others he had seen before, and just a bit more expensive than the Germans.

Powell worked with this factory to optimize their bearings for skateboarding. The standard metal seal was replaced by a high speed one, modeled on plastic, so it could be removed for maintenance. They left a ‘protective shield’ so skaters could remove it to clean and lubricate the bearings without the need for special tools. They adjusted the tolerances and measures and replaced the normal lubricant with a special one developed by them, the Bones Speed Cream. 

The result was the well-known Bones Swiss, and the birth of Bones Bearings, the most successful skate bearings brand in history. 

With George Powell leading the project (Powell Peralta) the brand was born in 1977 and is still one of the leading manufacturers of bearings and skate wheels, in terms of quality.


Are Bones Bearings good?

The star products of this brand are the skate bearings. Thanks to its research and its persistence to get the fastest and more durable bearings in the market, we can say that it is the number one brand for this kind of products. Those skaters who buy Bones can rest assure that they have acquired a product of excellent quality, which has been tested by professional riders, who provide even more guarantee to the brand. 

Skate bearings, in general, are normally rated using the ABEC classification, in such way the higher it is, the more accurate the bearing will be. Bones, however, uses its own measurement system called Bones Skate Rated. 


What is the Bones Skate Rated?

The Bones Skate Rated is the system Bones uses to measure the quality of its bearings. It is used instead of the traditional Abec measurement.
Bones realised that the Abec measurement system used to define the quality of a bearing could be confusing because it is often thought that a higher Abec is always better for a skater and this is not true as there are many more factors involved in choosing which Abec is the right bearing for you.
To try to avoid this confusion regarding the Abec they invented their own measurement system that takes into account many other parameters besides the speed of the bearing, such as: impact resistance, lubrication, type of ball retainer, ball clearance, need for maintenance and cleaning... these and many other aspects are ignored by the Abec rating.

Types of Bones Bearings

These are the different Bones bearings that you can buy, and that you will always find in Fillow:

Bones Red

It is the best seller of bearings every year in the United States, and also in our skate shop. This is thanks to the good quality of the bearing, which passes a double quality control before being out for sale, despite being considered the basic ones.

Bones Super Reds

They are considered by Bones as the best medium-budget bearings available in the market. They have the same characteristics as the previous ones, but their balls are made of steel and have a more polished surface. Thanks to these improvements, the bearings are the same as the Bones Reds, but smoother and they will last longer. 


Bones Ceramic Super Reds

These bearings are the same as the super reds but they have replaced the steel balls for some ceramics of the highest quality. These balls create less friction with what makes them faster than the super reds. On the other hand, these ceramic balls are responsible for removing dirt that enters the bearing by polishing the surface again. The hardness of the material also extends its useful life. 


Bones Swiss

They are the bearings preferred by professional skaters for more than 33 years. They are designed for competitions and offer the fastest turns and the simplest maintenance. These bearings last much longer than any bearing with ABEC category.


Bones Super Swiss 6

These bearings have the same qualities as the Bones Swiss but they have one ball less, so there are 6 balls inside each bearing, instead of 7 that is the standard number. 
By eliminating a ball, the acceleration and the speed are increased. These are the bearings chosen by many skaters who love ramps. 


Bones Swiss Labyrinth 2

These bearings are very similar to Swiss, except that another protective shield has been added in such a way that it makes it very difficult for dirt to enter inside. The friction is reduced and the speed is increased. They also make the periods of time between each cleaning longer, and the price difference is not much. 


Bones Swiss Ceramics

This kind of bearings are the best, top quality in the world of skateboarding. 
They use ceramic balls from the brand Cerbec, considered the best in the world, the structure of the Bones Swiss bearings and they are lubricated with the Speed Cream of Bones. All these characteristics have as a result the fastest bearings, with the highest acceleration and that last longer.
Remember that the ceramic balls have a self-maintenance effect that lengthens their useful life and reduces the time of maintenance and cleaning, since the balls themselves remove the dirt and polish the surface continuously. 

To learn more about each model of Bones bearings and their characteristics, you can read all the information in our Bones Bearings Guide.

Parts of the bones bearing

In this picture we can see what are the different parts that make up a bones bearing: Shield, Inner Race, Balls, Retainer, Outer Race.


Maintenance of Bones bearings

It is very important to keep the bearings always clean and well lubricated. For this we recommend using Bones Speed Cream lubricant, specially designed to get the best performance from your bones bearings.

If the bearings are very dirty or not well lubricated, you will notice that they do not rotate well, they get stuck or brake. In this case you should not use the skateboard as you run the risk of damaging them and breaking them for good. If this happens when you skate, you will notice a sudden braking and it can cause you to fall, so it is dangerous and an immediate adjustment is recommended.


Bones bearings cleaning video

In this video provided by Bones Bearings we can see how to clean the bearings, it is a very simple process that will bring you great benefits while extending the life of your bearings.


Where to buy Bones Bearings?

If you want to buy bones bearings, in your skateboard shop Fillow you have all the bones bearings available for you to choose the one that best suits you. We ship within 24 hours as we have all the products ready to be shipped.


Cheap Bones Bearings

If you want to buy cheap bones bearings, at Fillow we guarantee the lowest price on the product, so you can be sure you are buying at the best price. You no longer have to browse a thousand sites, here you can shop without comparison thanks to our minimum price guarantee policy.

Original Bones Bearings

In recent years there have been many fake Bones bearings, so we recommend that you always buy from a trusted skate shop such as Fillow.

We always buy directly from the distributor and we have purchase invoices that prove the authenticity of the Bones bearings. Don't be fooled and buy original and authentic bones bearings, reject fakes.

Difference between genuine bones bearings and fake bones bearings?

As of 2018, all boxes of bones bearings are marked with a Skate Rated sticker so you know that you are buying authentic bones bearings.

Bones Reds and Bones Big Balls Reds come with this sticker:

All other Bones bearings use this other sticker:

It is not recommended to buy this product from Amazon, Alibaba or Ebay because most of the products found there may be fake. Always make sure you buy from an authentic skate shop so you can check the origin of the product.