Skateboarding is an activity that involves a lot of wear and tear, and anyone who skates a lot knows how much it costs to constantly renew the material. That is why, in order to help our clients, we have launched our Renewal Plan.

If you are a Fillow customer and you have previously purchased this material in our store, we offer you discounts on the replacements that you acquire throughout the year. All the products you buy in the same year, from the same category, are cheaper for you.


What are the discounts?

2nd unity you buy: 10%

3rd unit and following: 15%

Do you want an example?

If you buy a deck in 2019, and then you want to buy another one in the same year (because the previous one broke, or any other reason), as it would be the second deck, you will enjoy a 10% off, and if it is the third or fourth, the 15%. Once the year is finished, we start it all again, so the first board would have a normal price and the following their discounts.


For which categories are discounts valid?

  • Decks
  • Trucks
  • Wheels
  • Complete Skateboards
  • Longboards

How to use them?

  1. Make your order from your user account.
  2. Write in the order’s comments: Renewal plan 2019.
  3. We should confirm that you have previously purchased a product the same category.
  4. We will apply the correspondent discount, 10% or 15%.
  5. We will refund the amount in the same way you paid: credit card or Paypal.


  • Valid during the current year.
  • Not combinable with other offers, nor products that already have a discount.
  • All orders must have been made from the same user account.

If you have any question, do not hesitate to ask, we will be glad to help you: Contact


And now... Continue to enjoy skateboarding!!