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Primitive Skateboards is the personal project of one of the most important skaters of the modern era: Paul Rodriguez. When Paul left Plan B, he made a total of 500 completely golden skate decks for sale. He settled the stock in just 2 minutes and, seeing the potential, decided to continue his production every two months. He soon realized that he needed an infrastructure to turn it into a business and Netkin presented him the idea of founding ‘Primitive Skateboards’. That is how it all started, back in 2014, with a team of riders that, of course, included himself along with Nick Tucker and Carlos Ribeiro. Although it is a young brand, Primitive decks are here to stay. It is a very media-supported project and, having a first level skater like Paul Rodriguez as the leader, it seems a guaranteed success. The latest collaborations have been very popular, especially Primitive Dragon Ball Z, with the decks of the characters Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Freezer, Trunks, Majin Boo and many more.

In Fillow your skateboard shop, we have been working with the brand since its beginning. You can find a wide catalogue of Primitive Skateboard decks in our store, all of them with the lowest price policy.

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