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Minimum Price Guaranteed Policy on Fillow

Our policy concerning prices is to offer you all our products at the minimum price that each brand or supplier allows.

The brands are the ones that establish the price that their products can be sold at, being completely forbidden to sell the under that margin.

Since it’s impossible to control all the selling points, it is possible that some stores don’t follow these rules and lower their prices.

Therefore, and always thinking about you, our customers..., at Fillow we have the “Minimum Price Guaranteed” Policy.

You no longer have to spend days looking for a product in different stores before buying it, under the risk of losing it for being sold out, just to find the lower price.

Now you can buy on Fillow and if afterwards you want to browse the net for a better deal, you have 15 days to do so. If, during this period, you find a lower price, all you have to do is write us an email, including the webpage link and we will automatically add to your account credit the difference between both prices so you can use it on your following order.

Minimum Price Guaranteed  Policy Terms & Conditions

In order to benefit from this policy, it is necessary that:

  • The stores must be online and european, so a comparison can be made.
  • The product must be exactly the same, in model and color.
  • The product cannot be advertised with any kind of offer or sale in the other store, and this also excludes private sales clubs, auction pages, outlets, etc.
  • The product must be from the current season.
  • You have 15 days (since the day you buy it on Fillow) to claim this offer.

So now you know... You can be sure that on Fillow you’ll buy always at the best possible price, otherwise we’ll give you the difference in credit.

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