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What is Kendama?

Kendama is a traditional Japanese toy for juggling. In the last few years it has been seen a lot on the streets. Young people who love the outdoors and urban culture, including skateboarders, are using it more and more and it is becoming very popular. 

In the United States it is a revolution and in European countries it is arriving with great force. 

In Fillow, your skate shop, we don't want to be left behind in this healthy and enriching trend, that's why we offer you these products so that you can enjoy learning with them.

What can I do with a kendama?

There are countless tricks but the first one we have to start with is the moshikame movement. It consists of passing the ball from the big plate to the base with a rhythmic movement. When you have mastered this one, you can try all the others.

In this video we can see the tricks we can do with a kendama. If they can do it, why can't you? hey, it's just a matter of trying ;)

What are the best Kendama brands?

As we have always done, in Fillow we are going to look for the best products for you, so the brands you are going to find will always be the ones that offer us the best results.

This is our top kendama brands:

  • Krom Kendama
  • Sweeets Kendama
  • Kendama Usa
  • Kendama Europe
  • Kendama Spain

Where to buy Kendama?

In Fillow, your skate shop, we will periodically bring you a large catalogue of Kendamas, so you can choose the one you like the most. This is your kendama shop in Spain because we have stock available to ship within 24 hours, we ensure the lowest prices and always working with the most important professional brands in the sector.

As soon as you try it you will see that you will not be able to go out without your Kendama, do you dare to try it?

What are the parts of the kendama?

Here we show you a picture so that you can learn more about the parts of this wooden toy.

  • Hammer
  • Spike
  • Big plate
  • Lower plate
  • Small plate
  • Ball
  • Hole
  • Rope
  • Chainring body
  • Edge of small crankset
  • Edge of the large coil
  • Stopper
  • Bottom
  • Rope hole

Types of Kendamas

There are many types of kendamas, but we can highlight these categories:

  • Children's Kendamas: full of drawings and colours.
  • Minimalist kendamas: usually with very few drawings, made of wood in different finishes, gloss or matte
  • Designer Kendamas: authentic works of art, often kept as collectors' items. There are many collaborations between artists who want to capture their work in this original Japanese wooden toy.

Kendama tricks with Skate

If you watch any video of kendama competitions, it is easy to see that many of the participants are skateboarders, and that is because these two hobbies are closer than you think.

In both you enjoy the outdoors, you share with friends, you disconnect, you challenge yourself to improve, it requires practice and the desire to improve.

The practice of skateboarding and kendama are very beneficial for our body, it is fun for everyone, children or adults can practice it.

The tricks you can do on your skateboard deck with your kendama are infinite. Let your imagination run wild and invent tricks combining your two passions.