Guide – New Era Caps – Sizes and Models

The brand New Era is, right now, the guiding reference on the cap market, because of the quality of finishes and the variety of models they make every year, and because of the revolution they have brought their designs in the world of caps.

New Era was the responsible for the massive popularity of flat peacks, visibles in any city in the world. Until its arrival, caps did not have much variety of styles, they differed only in the logo or the design itself.

Such has been their rise that they don’t just develop their extensive collections each season, but make hats for almost every fashion brand. So we can see many New Era hats in brands such as DC Shoes, Vans, Volcom, Element, etc...

We are going to talk about the different styles New Era have, so we can see the differences between them.

Each model is identified with a round sticker on the visor that many people, instead of removing it, leave in the cap as another symbol that represents the brand.

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It is undoubtedly the flagship cap by New Era and to which it owes its worldwide fame.

The 59FIFTY cap has sizes, what was the first big difference, because, until its appearance, caps used to be adjustable by different systems, or only had two sizes (S/M and L/XL).

Each size is approximately half an inch larger than the previous, so it is convenient to measure the contour of the head to choose the right size and find the perfect fit.

The crown is closed and is composed of six panels. In addition, the front panels have reinforcements in its construction to maintain the structure.

The visor is flat, but has the ability to bend a little if desired.

At the peak we can see 8 lines of stitching and a button at the top of the cap.

new era 59fifty


The 9FIFTY is the model that has gained more popularity in recent years.

It is structured like the 59FIFTY but the two back panels instead of being closed, are open and have a traditional setting system, what is usually called Snapback. This means that the fitting is not as accurate as the 59FIFTY but it is the preferred for many people because the greater convenience for making gifts, growing children, or simply people who don’t want to worry about sizing issues, which is something that many people are not used to do yet.

The rest, as we said, is the same than in the 59FIFTY. 6 panel crown with reinforced structure, flat peak, 8 lines of stitching and a button at the top.

new era 9fifty


The 39THIRTY is the most conventional cap. It has also the crown reinforced and closed which hides an elastic band that makes the cap fit without size adjustment. Although it usually comes in two sizes that cover the different contours that any head can have. The visor is curved and ready for use, not like the other models that can be flat or slowly shaped.

new era 39thirty


The 9FORTY is a mix between 39THIRTY and 9FIFTY, because it has the 39THIRTY’s curved peak and two open back panels with a snapback as the 9FIFTY.

The adjustment system is different from the previous ones, because this one consists in velcro strips or a metallic buckle.

The crown is also reinforced to maintain the shape even when not being used.

new era 9forty


This model is also open at the rear and has an adjustment strip.

The difference is that the crown is not reinforced as in the previous models. This makes the crown flexible, it does not maintain the shape when not being used.

It is a cap that recalls the style of the caps worn by the first baseball players.

By having a crown formless, it makes it much easier to transport and fold as you can carry it in a backpack or a large pocket, while the previous ones need more care not to deform.

new era 9twenty


The 29TWENTY is again a mixture of two styles. On the one hand, has the same crown than the 9TWENTY, not reinforced, and the same curved visor, but his back is closed with an hidden elastic band to automatically adjust to the head as the model 39THIRTY.

This cap has a ‘vintage’ style, and New Era often use antique classic teams logos on it.

new era 29twenty


This is another cap with a classic air. The 19TWENTY also has a soft crown unreinforced, but adds a flat peak for a more modern look.

new era 19twenty


To find out which size to choose for each model of New Era cap, you can consult this simple table.

To do this, you must measure yourself only the contours of your head at the forehead and choose in the first column "CM" box with the figure in centimeters immediately above your measurement.

That is, if your measurement is 58.2, you should go to the 58.7 to avoid choosing a too small one. Once you are in that box, go down that column to the row that matches the model of cap you want to buy, and where they intersect, see your size.