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Deathwish Skateboards Decks

Deathwish Skateboards was created in 2007 by Jim Greco, Andrew Reynolds and Erik Ellington under the command of the distributor Bakerboys Distribution. It had a great impact in its beginning because it had the quality of Baker and added aggressive designs and a logo that soon caught the attention in the American market. Soon they could see their graphics printed on thousands of t-shirts and Deathwish Skateboards Decks in the main cities of the world. In addition, many skaters of the highest level joined the Deathwish team, some of them are Lizard King, Furby and Antwuan Dixon. The last one was imprisoned for having drugs, and the brand made a deck whose benefits were all for Dixon to rebuild his life when he was released from prison.

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Deathwish Skateboards Videos

To know more about the skills of the Deathwish Team, here is a video to welcome Pedro Delfino.

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