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Bones Wheels

Mr. Powell is an engineer and a designer, as well as a skater, so the research, development and testing of the products to achieve the best results have always been a priority for Bones. The brand seeks to get skateboard wheels more resistant to abrasion, although not the cheapest, and it does so by taking care of the quality of the materials, the manufacturing process, quality control, and of course the tests and comparisons that the riders of its team are always doing (Chris Joslin, Kevin Romar, Aaron Jaws Homoki, Evan Smith, Felipe Gustavo, David Gravette, Rodney Mullen and Ryan Decenzo).

In addition to its wheels, Bones is very famous for its Bones Bearings which are considered to be the best and are used by many professional skateboarders due to their excellent performance.

Bones uses different urethane formulas to adapt perfectly to each type of use that skate wheels have. You can also find wheels in different shapes and hardness. s.

Bones Skateboards Wheels Hardness

This brand uses the B scale to measure the hardness (durometer), since they think it is much more accurate. The A scale goes from 1 to 100, so from 95 A it does not measure very accurately anymore. The D scale, on the other hand, is designed to measure very hard rubber and urethane, not the relatively soft material of the skate wheels, so it does not seem the most appropriate either. 

There is no exact correlation between the A and B scales, but broadly speaking, it would be enough to subtract 10 points from the number A to obtain B. 

There are mainly two durometers available: 

  • 81B (aprox. 101 A): These wheels offer more grip, greater control, smoothness, high performance, resistance to abrasion and great durability.
  • 84B /(aprox. 104 A): Choose these to get higher speed, bounce, slip capacity, abrasion resistance and longer durability. 

Type of Bones Wheels - Formula

The types of bones wheels can be differentiated according to the type of formula used in each one.

Street Tech Formula TM (STF)

With this wheel the brand has proven its purpose of offering a higher rebound for greater speed and spectacular sliding properties, maintaining the resistance to abrasion (flattening) over any standard wheel.

Skatepark Formula TM (SPF)

This formula achieves a high quality urethane, specifically designed to prevent flattening by abrasion on both smooth and rugged surfaces, without losing the high rebound for a quick response in the tricks and a faster turn. They adhere better to rough surfaces while maintaining their strength, durability and speed. 

All-Terrain Formula (ATF)

Designed for the most rugged terrains, these soft urethane wheels offer speed and smoothness in the glide regardless of the quality of the soil. 


Within this formula we can find the ‘Rough Riders’, the most resistant of the brand to venture on less traveled roads. 

Bones Wheels Shapes

Bones has a wide variety of shapes for its wheels and we will explain them below.


Bones Wheels Shape STF (Street Tech Formula)

Ths STF Bones Wheels are available in six different shapes, named from V1 to V6. They are all symmetrical, so the assembly is reversible. Although you will have to try them all to decide which one you like the most, we tell you the most common uses of each of them :

  • V1: They are the most versatile, for standard use, stable and durable. Available in the following sizes (mm): 50x30, 51x30, 52x31, 53x31, 54x32. The radious of the edge curve is 0.25”.
  • V2: They are thinner in the center than the V1 to make them lighter. Ideal for curbs, rails, grinds, etc. Available in these measurements (mm): 49x27, 51x38, 53x29. The radius of the edge curvature is 0.275”.
  • V3: For technical skate. They are the ones with the smallest surface in contact with the smallest floor, and the preferred by professional skaters who only practice street. They are lighter, have less friction, more speed, facilitate slides and give better results in tricks. Edge radius: 0.187”. Measures: 50x28, 52x29, 54x30.
  • V4: Also very versatile and for all purposes, but wider to offer more stability. The edge has a radius of 0.250” and are made in sizes 51x32”, 52x34, 53x34, 54x34 and 55x34 mm.
  • V5: They have a bigger radius of the edge, for a faster response. They are versatile, thinner at center, so they are lighter, and ideal for curbs and grinds. In addition the drawing will last more time. Edge radius: 0.50”. Available sizes: 51x30, 52x30, 53x31, 54x31, 55x32, 56x32, 58x33. 
  • V6: Wider contact patch with sidecut walls for less drag for longer grinds and greater stability. Available sizes: 54mmx34mm and 56mmx36mm


Bones Wheels Shape SPF (Skatepark Formula)

In this type, 5 shapes were produced, but currently two have been retained, the P5 and P6.:

  • P5 Sidecut: Sidecut Walls designed for more stability, less drag and longer grinds.
  • P6 Widecut: Wider Contact patch with sidecut walls for less drag, longer grinds and greater stability.

Bones Wheels Shape All Terrain Formula  (ATF)

We have two type of shapes: mechanical Bond and Natural Bond.

  • Filmers Mechanical Bond are wheels with narrower midth and lighter weight for easier maneaverability.
  • Rough Riders natural bond have a wide contact patch for stability and smoother overall ride.


Bones Wheels Shape Original Formula

Available in V4 Wide and V5 Sidecut

  • V4 Wide: wider contact patch for greater stability and solid landings.
  • V5 Sidecut: Sidecut walls designed for more stability, less drag and longer grinds.

Bones Wheels Quality 

Here we are going to show you why Bones wheels are considered to be one of the best quality skateboard wheels.


Are Bones wheels good?

Yes, Bones wheels are considered one of the best options you can buy for your skate.

Bones has publicly shared the results of one of their quality control tests, the ‘drag test’. It consists of weighing the wheels, then making them roll at a certain speed for a certain time (always the same) and then weighing them again to determine the amount of material detached from the wheel in the process. Here is the table with the percentage of lost material for each model tested:

Where to buy Bones Wheels?

If you want to buy Bones wheels cheap or at a good price, in our skate shop you can be sure to find them at the lowest price. We offer great discounts all year round and we ship within 24 hours.

Bones Skate Shop London – United Kingdom: Shipments to Edinburgh, Liverpool, Glasgow, Manchester, Leeds, Brighton, Cardiff, Bristol, Cambridge, Sheffield, Southtampton, Plymouth and other countries such as Denmark, Belgium, Luxemburg, Netherlands, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal.