Jart Skateboards Decks

Jart Skateboards Decks

We already have all the new season’s series by the great brand Jart Skateboards.

If you haven’t seen it yet, here we’ll introduce you the jewels you can find on our store:

Jart Skateboards Pool Series

Amazing designs for the best Jart’s decks. Available in 5 different sizes:

  • Jart Attacks – 8.375 inches
  • Fearless – 8.5 inches
  • Mona Lisa – 8.625 inches
  • High Way – 8.875 inches
  • Dirty – 9.0 inches

Other Jart Skateboards’ collections:

Jart Skateboards offer us not less than 8 different series with many kinds of designs and several sizes. It is not easy to choose among that much great draws. Which one is your favourite?


Jart on Jart for this one. Three different colours and sizes to choose.

These Quantum Jart decks have High Concave.


A fresh, funny series, so green and vegetal. For those who love nature’s gifts 😉

Three designs with a different size for each one. Medium Plus concaves all of them.

Mixed Up

Another crazy series by Jart, showing hilarious combinations on six designs and sizes.

The Mixed Up decks have Medium Plus concave.


Jart Skateboards show a more serious design on this series named Wall. We can find six options to decorate a room, and also six different deck’s measurements.

All the decks on this collection have High Concave.


On the Trptych series we can find 4 different designs that show us the development of some real cases.  Each one has a different size, but all of them have Super High concave.


The Jart Skateboards’ series named Biggie has six different colours and sizes for a very successful classic design. All this decks have Medium Plus Concave.

Hippye Clouds

We love the Hippye Clouds series. Colourful clouds on Jart’s amazing decks.

Three designs with different wide sizes each, but all have High Concave.


Named Tangram because of the traditional game that looks alike, this series offers three different colours and sizes, all of them Super High Concave.


The classical joke about Hollywood and our favourite plant on three different sizes. These decks have High Concave.


More crazy mixing on the designs of this series. Four sizes, each one with its own creative, elegant and colourful print, with High Concave,



This series, Jart Moet, has smooth lines and colours on the designs.

You can find six sizes, all have High Concave.

American Dream

What’s the American dream? For us, a Jart’s series with decks that shows a muffin, a hamburger, fries and a donut as a person’s face. There are four different designs, each one has its size, and all have High Concave.


Stilysh design on four different coulour and size options. They have Medium Plus Concave.


This young series has six colours available, each one is a different wide size.


Medium Plus Concave and a growing plant for this series. Each phase of the magic plant is a different size.


Do not try to eat the tempting decks of the Glassy series. They look great but don’t taste as well as they seem…

Three fancy colours and Medium Concave.


The young skaters won’t know what these designs are about, but who cares? VHS as in Virtual Hero Skater? The oldest on the skatepark may tell you stories about old videotapes. They all have Medium Concave.


Jart decks in Medium Concave, available in nine different colours matching a size each one. This design is already classic by Jart, and every year adds new tints.

Where do I buy them?

By now you are probably wishing to try some of the decks you’ve seem, or all of them!!

On Fillow you can find them all, if not already out of stock. Take a look and choose yours 😉


Rememeber that we have a special offer if you configure your skate, -15%!

Jart Skateboard Video: JART US

On this video the Jart team show us some of their best tricks by their riders Carlos Neira, Cian Eades, Sergio Muñoz, Joan Galcerán, Fernan Origel, Ben García, Carlos Zarazua, Jorge simoes, Gustavo Ribeiro and Adrien Bulard.

Enjoy it!

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