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Ace Trucks was founded in 2007 by Joey Tershay, in collaboration with his business partner Steve ‘Shrewgy’ who brought his great knowledge in the world of skateboard trucks design. Ace trucks are available in a wide range of sizes and colors.

Some of the riders from the Ace Skateboard Trucks team are: Donny Cebada, Lavar McBride, Matt Rodríguez, Matt Miller, Chris Pastras, Mike Peterson, Ryan Lay, Sergie Ventura, Bennet Harada, Joey Tershay, Max Barrera, Rodney Jones and Raven Tershy.

In Fillow, your online skate shop, we have a large representation of Ace Trucks of various measures, Ace Trucks Diamond, Ace Ventura Truck, ready to be sent and with the lowest price policy.


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