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Accessories by Thrasher

Accessories  by  Thrasher
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La ropa Thrasher es una de las marcas mas buscadas en los últimos años y ya no solo por los skater. A pesar de ser una de las marcas mas puras del mundo del skate se ha hecho muy famosa gracias a diversos influencers y youtubers que decidieron comprar ropa thrasher y llevan sus sudaderas, camisetas y gorras de la marca.

Si buscas una tienda para comprar thrasher en españa este es tu sitio. Puedes encontrar sus diseños  mas míticos y las ultimas novedades que nos ofrece la marca.

Camiseta Thrasher - Todo lo que tienes que saber:

Es sin duda el producto estrella de la marca. Es un básico que pega muy bien con cualquier vaquero o pantalón y nos da un toque urbano y skater muy actual que queda realmente bien.

Las medidas de las camisetas thrasher son las siguientes:

(Ancho / Largo)

TALLA S: 46cm / 72cm

TALLA M: 50cm / 74 cm 

TALLA L: 55cm / 76 cm

TALLA XL: 60cm / 78cm

Los diseños mas buscados de las camisetas thrasher:

  1. Thrasher Flame
  2. Thrasher Skate and Destroy
  3. Thrasher Flame Mag
  4. Thrasher BBQ Flame
  5. Thrasher Half Tone
  6. Thrasher New Flame
  7. Thrasher Skatemag
  8. Thrasher Outlined
  9. Thrasher Skategoat
  10. Thrasher New OATH
  11. Thrasher Gonz 
  12. Thrasher Skate Rock
  13. Thrasher Boyfriend

Las camisetas las puedes encontrar en diferentes modelos y colores. Los colores que mas gustan son la camiseta thrasher en negro, en blanco, gris, azul marino, verde militar y el rosa para las mujeres.


Flat Caps, belts, wallets, socks and much more to complete your look

Accessories may seem unimportant little trimmings, but they make a big difference in style to wear them or not.

In Fillow we have a wide variety of all kinds of accessories of your favorite brands every season.

Undoubtedly, one of the most wanted products every year is the cap, especially flat caps or flat visor caps.

Caps have had an incredible evolution in recent years. Until relatively recently, there were a lot of logos and embroidery, but the cap itself used to be the traditional one with flexfit setting.

This was true until New Era revolutionized the market with their flat caps. Although they are models that had many years of history, they had a huge global growth. They first appeared in hip hop fashion, as it was often associated with NBA, NLF or MLB teams, where New Era caps began. But once the fashion spread, New Era started to make hats for all brands, which made it to spread quickly within the urban and streetwear fashion.

Thus, we have flat caps of Vans, DC Shoes, Obey, Grimey, Element, Mitchell & Ness and almost every major brand in the market.

As always, lower prices appeared, keeping the shape, but they were not New Age’s and also other traditional shapes were more sold than before; Snapbacks, 5 panels, Trucker, etc.


Every six months we bring to our online store the greatest variety possible, so you can choose from many models and always with the minimum price guaranteed.