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Flat Caps, belts, wallets, socks and much more to complete your look

Accessories may seem unimportant little trimmings, but they make a big difference in style to wear them or not.

In Fillow we have a wide variety of all kinds of accessories of your favorite brands every season.

Undoubtedly, one of the most wanted products every year is the cap, especially flat caps or flat peak capsCaps have had an incredible evolution in recent years. Until relatively recently, there were a lot of logos and embroidery, but the cap itself used to be the traditional one with flexfit setting.

This was true until New Era revolutionized the market with their flat peak caps. 



The brand of San Francisco (USA) has been dedicated since 1987 to develop and manufacture the best skateboard wheels. That is why there are so many skateboarders who relate their popular ‘bighead’ logo, the flame with a malicious smile, with quality. 

Here you can find everything you need to know to buy your spitfire wheels and choose those that best suit your skate. 



Formula Four Spitfire Wheels

After so many years of research and testing to get the best possible wheels, the ‘Formula Four’ is the most advanced formula so far. With this new urethane they have reached a very high level of durability and resistance, tested by all their team of riders, and proven by countless skaters around the world. 

Durometer Spitfire Wheels

Spitfire Formula Four wheels are available in two different hardnesses: 99 A and 101 A. Both are resistant to ‘flatspots’ (when the wheel is slightly flattened on one side) and to abrasion. If you need more information about the different hardness of the wheels, do not hesitate to contact us. 

Shapes Spitfire Wheels

We can find these wheels in six different shapes: 



Radial: Rounded edge, for control and speed. Available in 3 sizes.

Diameter Total width Width of the part that touches the ground

52 mm 32.5 mm 19 mm

54 mm 34 mm 20 mm

56 mm 35 mm 21 mm


Radial Slims: Thinner, more trimmed edge for more control and more sensitive slip. Made in five different sizes. 

Diameter Total width Width of the part that touches the ground

51 mm 29.5 mm 18 mm

52 mm 30 mm 18.5 mm

53 mm 30.5 mm 19 mm

54 mm 31 mm 19.5 mm

56 mm 34 mm 20.5 mm


Conical: Tapered shape for a faster response and lighter. In three diameters.

Diameter Total width Width of the part that touches the ground

51 mm 31 mm 19 mm

52 mm 31.5 mm 19.5 mm

54 mm 32.2 mm 20.2 mm


Conical Full: Wider contact surface with conical shape for much more control and more durable speed. In five different measures. 

Diameter Total width Width of the part that touches the ground

52 mm 32.5 mm 21 mm

53 mm 33.5 mm 21.5 mm

54 mm 34 mm 22 mm

56 mm 36 mm 25 mm

58 mm 37 mm 27.3 mm


Lock-Ins: Asymmetric shape, with conical profile on one side and straight edge on the other. They are made in three different sizes.

Diameter Total width Width of the part that touches the ground

52 mm 32 mm 20 mm

53 mm 32.5 mm 21.5 mm

55 mm 33.5 mm 23 mm


Classic: The most popular shape in the world. Speed control and eight different sizes.

Diameter Total width Width of the part that touches the ground

50 mm 30 mm 14.5 mm

51 mm 31 mm 15 mm

52 mm 32 mm 15.5 mm

53 mm 33 mm 16 mm

54 mm 33.5 mm 16.5 mm

56 mm 35.3 mm 17.8 mm

58 mm 35.8 mm 18 mm

60 mm 39 mm 21.5 mm


Spitfire Wheels Price

You can buy spitfire classic skateboard wheels in our skate shop at the best price, since we offer the minimum price guarantee. If you find them cheaper you just have to let us know.  You can buy

The prices vary from 37.80€ to 57.80€ depending on the type of wheel, hardness, shape.

If you want cheap skateboard wheels, or another price, you can check our catalog of skate wheels and filter by price, we have hundreds of models to choose from, and all recommended to practice a professional skateboarding.  


Spitfire Skate

This brand has been present in the skateboarding scene for many years, thanks to its wheels, but not only for that. The Big Head logo has transcended beyond, and it is also an icon in fashion because of the spitfire clothing collections, that includes t-shirts, sweatshirts, and accessories such as caps, purses... that have been very popular and still are today in the streets of every city. 


Spitfire  tshirts are loved not just by skaters, but a lot of young people, and that is why the brand is so important globally. 

Fillow ship to all the mainland cities,  London, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Glasgow, Manchester, Leeds, Brighton, Cardiff, Bristol, Cambridge, Sheffield, Southtampton, Plymouth, and many other countries as France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany...