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Accessories by Bumbag

Accessories  by  Bumbag
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Flat Caps, belts, wallets, socks and much more to complete your look

Accessories may seem unimportant little trimmings, but they make a big difference in style to wear them or not.

In Fillow we have a wide variety of all kinds of accessories of your favorite brands every season.

Undoubtedly, one of the most wanted products every year is the cap, especially flat caps or flat peak capsCaps have had an incredible evolution in recent years. Until relatively recently, there were a lot of logos and embroidery, but the cap itself used to be the traditional one with flexfit setting.

This was true until New Era revolutionized the market with their flat peak caps. 

Bumbag is always looking for unique people who love their authentic stuff, that is why they propose the Japanese artist Hirotton for one of his projects.

In this video we can see him drawing the eagle surrounded by pyramids that are part of one of the yellow nylon bumbag fanny packs.