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Fillow is one of the largest online skate shops in Europe and we have been selling exclusively online for over 15 years. 

Buy Skateboard Hardware

Skateboarding is undoubtedly our greatest passion and at Fillow we work with virtually every respected brand in the industry. If you need to replace your equipment or buy something new, you can be sure to find it in our extensive catalogue. When you buy in our online shop you can have the confidence that you will be acquiring brands with a very high quality in their products and always with the minimum price guaranteed. 

Skateboard Decks

The deck is the most important element of the skateboard. Its shape and size have to adapt perfectly to your skateboarding style and so it is important that you can choose from a variety of models and prices to find what you need. (Skate Decks Guide)
These are some of the brands of skateboard decks we work with permanently: Jart, Element, Almost, Blind, Darkstar, Zero, Cliché, Powell, Santa Cruz, Girl, Plan B, Chocolate, Imagine, Nomad, Emillion, Real, Anti-Hero.

Skateboard Trucks

Another key element are skateboard trucks. Multitude of sizes, materials, brands and colors. With a catalogue that usually exceeds 150 models, we work with the most recognized skate trucks brands such as: Independent, Tensor, Thunder, Venture, Iron, Theeve, Royal, Silver (Skate axle guide)

Skateboard wheels

The skate wheels are the ones which keep in direct contact with the asphalt at all times. We have about 300 different models of skateboard wheels to choose from among the multitude of diameters, brands, prices and hardnesses of well-known brands such as: Bones, Ricta, Spitfire, Jart, Wreck, Universal, and many more. (Skate Wheel Guide)

Skateboard Bearings

Good skate bearings make all the difference when rolling with your skateboard. Apart from the fact that it is essential to keep them in good condition, the quality is noticeable and much. Browse through the nearly 100 skateboard bearings models we have available and find the ones that best suit your needs from the best brands: Bones, Flip, Girl, Bronson, Spitfire, Mosaic, etc.

Skateboard Accessories

Although they may seem less important, these small components are essential to enjoy your skateboard to the fullest. We are talking about bolts, grip tape, tools, waxes, bushings. We don't forget them and we have hundreds of references ready to send.

Complete Skateboards

Whether it is your first skateboard, or if you want to renew it, we have a large selection of complete skateboards. And, if you are one of those who prefer to configure it to your liking, don't forget to visit our skateboard builder, where you can join the parts you prefer and benefit from a 15% discount on the price of them separately.

Skate shoes

And I couldn't miss the skate shoes!. We have a wide selection of skate shoes and sneakers, to step on strong and stylish brands such as: Adidas, Nike Skateboarding, Etnies, DVS, Emerica, DC Shoes, New Balance numeric, Osiris...

In addition, as always, we offer guaranteed minimum price policy, real stock ready to ship, economical shipping costs and totally secure payments.

The absolute priority for Fillow is the customer.

On every order we receive we always offer:

- Different shipping methods.

- Stock updated and ready to be shipped.

- Lowest price guarantee on all our products.

- Totally secure payment methods.

Fillow always bet on the most representative brands in the industry, whether large or small.

Below, there is a sample of some of the major brands we work with.

Streetwear: Volcom, Element, DC, Quiksilver, Vans, Levi´s, Carhartt, Famous, Adidas Originals, Dickies

Skate Shoes: DVS, Element, DC, Etnies, Nike SB, New Balance, Fallen, Vans, Adidas

Skate Material: Element, Creature, Bones, Deathwish, Baker, Girl, Chocolate, Spitfire, Thunder, Venture, Andale, Almost, Tensor, Blind, Darkstar, Storm, Enuff, Jart, etc

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